LI-Kick Recognized for Industry Impact and Player Satisfaction

Apr 5, 2024

Long Island’s LI-Kick makes a splash at the SSIA Conference, taking home awards for leadership, innovation, and creating a fantastic player experience.

LI-Kick, Long Island's top social sports league for co-ed adults, made a big impression at the recent Sport & Social Industry Association (SSIA) Annual Conference. The organization's owner, Sal Farruggia, was honored with the prestigious Industry Impact Award, recognizing LI-Kick's influence in shaping a dynamic and engaging social sports landscape.

Leadership, Innovation, and Community Focus

Farruggia's visionary leadership and dedication to the industry have been key to LI-Kick's success. His passion for sharing his expertise benefits the whole sector, helping other sports organizations excel. The Industry Impact Award reflects Farruggia's outstanding contributions to fostering collaboration and positive growth across the board.

Player Satisfaction is Key

LI-Kick didn't just win over industry leaders – they also captured hearts with their player-centric approach. At the SSIA Conference, LI-Kick earned the 'Champions Award' – a direct reflection of the high ratings they receive from their playing community. This award underscores LI-Kick's unwavering focus on providing fun, social, and memorable experiences for everyone.

More Than Just Sports – It's About the Long Island Community

LI-Kick is woven into the fabric of the Long Island community. Farruggia understands that adults seek more than just a place to play sports; they want a sense of belonging. LI-Kick's leagues provide a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, facilitating connections both on and off the field. Players build friendships, expand their social circles, and even form business relationships through LI-Kick's lively events.

LI-Kick offers Long Islanders a diverse range of adult sports leagues and activities. Their commitment to creating a strong community is evident in everything from classic kickball tournaments to lively cornhole competitions. It's about enjoying friendly competition, meeting new people, and building a sense of belonging.

Ready to get in the game and become part of something special? Visit LI-Kick's website at to learn more about upcoming leagues, events, and how you can join the fun!

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