Legal Process Outsourcing: Virtual Attorneys supporting the Paralegal function

Feb 2, 2024

Is your law firm or business slowed down in red tape trying to manage all legal processes? BeeSeen Legal’s (LPO) services can help your team cut through the red tape with cost-effective services that reduce costs and increase efficiency. Contact Us for a Free Trial

Cut through the Red Tape with BeeSeen Legal

Whether your business needs assistance with legal research, document preparation, case management, or court filings, BeeSeen Legal’s legal process outsourcing (LPO) services, including paralegal support, can help you complete those onerous legal tasks more quickly, cheaply, and effectively. 

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A Full Range of Paralegal Services at Your Fingertips

Their expanded paralegal services include:

  • summarization of medical records and bills,
  • drafting of complaints and answers,
  • document review services,
  • discovery,
  • litigation support services,
  • and several others.

Give Your Team a Helping Hand with BeeSeen Legal

BeeSeen Legal will optimize your paralegal workflows, boosting your productivity in a relatively short period of time, while helping your team continue producing high-quality work.

Pleadings Services

BeeSeen Legal can help you draft, format, and file pleadings and ensure they comply with requirements and deadlines. They can also assist you with legal research to support your pleadings’ arguments and to expedite your overall case management process.

Garnishment Preparation Services

If you need to collect debts, then you'll want to check out BeeSeen Legal’s garnishment preparation services. Their team can help you prepare and file the documents necessary for enforcing court-ordered garnishments, from determination of assets, research, and document drafting to monitoring garnishee compliance, maintaining communication, and record keeping.

File Preparation Services

Besides pleadings and garnishment documents, BeeSeen Legal’s paralegals can assist you with preparing:

  • discovery documents,
  • contracts,
  • patents,
  • documents required for personal injury cases,
  • and the many types of files involved in mass tort litigations.

BeeSeen’s paralegals will also help your team coordinate communication between the attorneys, expert witnesses, and other professionals involved in mass tort litigations.

About BeeSeen Legal

BeeSeen Legal’s team of 70-plus bar-admitted lawyers and growing while having over 25 years of experience providing high-quality, customized legal support services to organizations of all sizes. Their wide array of LPO services includes document review, contract management, research, document drafting and filing, litigation support, garnishment preparation, and a full suite of services. They offer specialized services such as virtual paralegal services which is supported by virtual attorneys handling all areas and functions to enhance compliance along with delivering an ease of doing business.

Peter Pinto Co-Founder shared: “The team at BeeSeen Legal, understands the challenges facing the companies in and out of the legal industry, and we are committed to helping partners navigate these complex landscapes with ease and confidence in a cost-efficient and effective manner, while maximizing value for their clients. We offer a global footprint of professionals and virtual attorneys who handle all of the back office and paralegal needs. Through our Free Trial Offering clients can gain access to next-gen technologies and limitless talent at a fraction of the price.”

A Host of Benefits

Outsourcing your legal processes can bring lots of benefits to your business - reduced labor costs, increased efficiency, speedy scalability, access to expertise outside of your specialty, improved compliance, cutting edge technologies and automation solutions, more time and resources for client-facing initiatives, and others. Tied to all of these benefits, is the assurance of a positive customer experience.

BeeSeen LPO offerings are customized for each partner to deliver maximized performance and the highest levels of compliance.

If you would like to learn more, or to sign up for a free, customized FREE TRIAL, call 631-400-4234 or visit

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