Legal Expert Offers Perspectives On Ethical Challenges Of Technology Adoption

Jan 22, 2024

If you’re wondering how you can implement technology into your field in an ethical way, Macadamia Solutions, LLC offers a guidebook from Dr. Steven A. Wright, MBA, JD, PhD, focusing on ethical and legal perspectives for new technologies.

Technology is everywhere, and sometimes it may feel as though you're living in a sci-fi film! If your head is starting to spin and you've been pondering ethical questions about all this new tech, "Ethics, Law, and Technology Adoption" by Dr. Steven A. Wright can help.

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No matter which sector you work in, the guidebook is designed to help you understand some of the possibilities and implications of technology from an ethical perspective.

As concerns about new technology and artificial intelligence continue to grow within scientific and academic communities, the book from Dr. Steven A. Wright covers a range of relevant topics, including the way that ethical frameworks and principles can be applied to your technology work and decision-making, as well as how you can move through the complexities of technology laws and current policies.

Explore Technological Developments

A recent study published in the Journal of Business & Information Systems Engineering highlights the importance of ethical frameworks within technological contexts, noting an ongoing need to accommodate human values and moral relevance alongside technological advancements. In “Ethics, Law, and Technology Adoption,” Dr. Steven A. Wright explores many facets of technology implementation.

“Whether you are a technologist, a business executive, or a lawyer, you need to understand the ethical and legal implications of your work,” says Dr. Wright. “A comprehension of the range of ethical argumentation prepares you to navigate the complex and dynamic environment of technology innovation and regulation.”

Learn About Ethical Frameworks

With Dr. Wright’s guidance, you'll learn about the primary ethical frameworks that can inform decision-making and you'll develop an appreciation for possible ethical arguments as they can be applied to specific technologies.

The book also covers key legal issues and challenges that are emerging from the interaction of new technologies and old laws, offering practical insights and strategies based on real-world case studies. Case studies are drawn from a diverse range of fields, including software development, biotechnology research, AI engineering, robotics, cybersecurity, and fintech.

You are offered an opportunity to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in relation to ethics, law, and technology so you can be prepared to take responsible action in a rapidly-shifting domain.

Who Is Dr. Wright?

Dr. Steven A. Wright, MBA, JD, PhD is a regular keynote speaker at forums and conferences around the world. He has been published in numerous academic journals and has been awarded over 50 patents.

Educate yourself so you can stay current with the latest ethical perspectives - grab a copy of "Ethics, Law, and Technology Adoption" by Dr. Steven A. Wright today!

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