Legacy Planning & Estate Tax Reduction Solutions For Retirees In Chicago

Feb 16, 2024

Don’t leave your family with a poorly planned inheritance when you die, talk to an experienced financial advisor about managing your legacy. Call Goldstone Financial Group! (630-620-9300)

Have you thought about what will happen to your assets once you've gone? We all hope that's all long way off but planning your estate now can save you and your family thousands in taxes and red tape when the time comes.

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Inter-Generational Wealth Made Easy

Whether you're a current or future retiree, you can benefit from the firm's expertise in designing and managing a legacy for your loved ones in the event of your passing. The services ensure the safe transfer and apportioning of assets from one generation to another regardless of how much money is involved, avoiding unnecessary conflicts between your surviving family members.

Health & Wealth

Goldstone's broad approach to estate planning covers provision for incapacity during your lifetime as well as posthumous wealth management. The firm's fiduciary agents are legally obligated to advise in your best interests at all times and bring expertise in minimizing tax contributions, protecting assets, and making sure your family members are taken care of financially.

Where There's A Will There's A Way

Goldstone can help you set up a will, create a trust, and plan for estate taxes. These levies are imposed on the transfer of your property after death and, without adequate planning, can significantly reduce the amount of inheritance that family members receive.

Asset Protection

The firm's expertise in asset protection acts as a safeguard against claims from creditors. You can do this by setting up a limited liability company (LLC) or family limited partnership (FLP) as well as transferring assets to a trust.

IRA Inheritance

Other options to consider include arranging for IRAs to be passed on and inherited by family members to provide a steady source of income for loved ones with minimal taxation. Goldstone's experts can advise and guide you through all of the necessary steps.

The advisory team also helps you set up living wills – legal documentation that sets out your wishes in the event of becoming incapacitated and unable to make decisions regarding care and finances. You can discuss all of these issues and eventualities in detail with Goldstone's advisors as part of your consultation.

In addition to its estate planning services, the firm offers you investment consulting and wealth management as part of its proprietary 'Financial GPS'.

A spokesperson says, “Goldstone Financial Group’s estate planning and legacy planning services can help you ensure that your personal finance health and your legacy are well protected, even after you’re gone.”

Put you and your family's financial future in safe hands with Goldstone Financial Group!

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