Leather & Linen Albums For Photographers: Boost Your Work’s Value In Columbus OH

Jun 21, 2022

Serendipity Albums (713-568-6976) wants to help you provide your clients in Columbus, Ohio with stunning handmade photo albums to make the events you photograph truly memorable.

Leather & Linen Albums For Photographers: Boost Your Work's Value In Columbus OH

If you are a professional photographer, Serendipity Albums is offering an exciting opportunity to increase the value of your work and leave your customers doubly satisfied. Their handcrafted photo albums are the perfect heirlooms and make an incredible, bespoke vessel to present your photographs in.

To see the many incredible designs they offer, visit Photographers Albums

Serendipity Albums now offers its collection of albums in the Columbus, Ohio area as part of its ongoing mission to deliver high-quality supplies to photographers all over the US. Their albums meet the highest standards of quality and are sure to please any client looking to commemorate a wedding, birth, or any other important event.

Every Serendipity heirloom album is handcrafted, featuring full-grain Italian leather for a luxurious look and feel. The interior pages are also heavweight paper with multiple print option available for each album size, custom-assembled per client instructions.

You can rely on Serendipity Albums to deliver quality products, and even get flat-rate shipping for large events or multiple client orders. On albums over 10×10, they offer complimentary heirloom boxes that will further increase the value and presentation of the memories contained within.

Preparing photographs in a quality album can be a meaningful and substantive way to increase the value of photo collections exponentially. These albums are available exclusively for photographers only, and photographers can resell at any price as they see fit.

More information is available at https://news.marketersmedia.com/chicago-il-premium-leather-fabric-albums-for-professional-photographers-launched/89044225

Not only will your clients thank you for providing them with an incredible piece of art, but you will thank yourself upon seeing the value of your work increase ten-fold. You don’t want to miss the new album options from Serendipity Albums!

As an alternative option, the company offers fabric covers for a more modern look, using a blend of Japanese silk and other fibers for an elegant but durable end result. For these albums, there are over 30 fabrics to choose from alongside the aforementioned  print options and album size selections.

One satisfied client said, ‚ÄúSerendipity stuck out from the competition because quality mattered to them, and I could see that in the craftsmanship in their products. Their luxury leathers are incredible, but their customer service is outstanding, and knowing they have an incredible team behind their product matters just as much.”

Give your professional photography packages a finishing touch with a book from Serendipity Albums!

Visit https://news.marketersmedia.com/nyc-custom-made-leather-photo-book-album-for-professional-photographers-launched/89040670 to learn more!

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