Learner-Led Online Behavioural Skill Trainer Courses Have Practical Applications

Jun 26, 2024

Trainers’ Library has all you need to create your next learner-focused training workshop! From ideas and materials to team activities, the platform offers resources to help professional trainers save time on prep.

Are you planning for your next training session or workshop? Do you need fresh ideas to deliver engaging, relevant, and hands-on training without spending weeks on prep?

Check out the vast workshop ideas, materials, and activities available on Trainers' Library to shave 80% off your preparation time!

Challenges of the Professional Trainer

Learning models are evolving, so you may yourself struggling with these:

  • accessing high-quality resources
  • practical applications
  • technology integration
  • meeting diverse learning needs

The Trainers' Library platform is poised to help overcome these challenges and I'll show you how. 

Why Trainers' Library?

Glasstap Limited offers a wealth of soft skills training content on Trainers' Library for in-person workshops, remote classes, and self-paced online learning. The platform is regularly updated - often weekly - so that you can always find new and up-to-date content for your next course or workshop. The goal behind the platform is to sharpen your response to learners' needs and level up your training for maximum organisational success.

Behavioural Skills Training Materials

In the modern workplace, employees with soft skills to complement their technical skills are more versatile and valuable. 

As such, the library contains subject-specific training materials on assertiveness, communication, negotiation, leadership development, conflict management, diversity, emotional intelligence, and performance management.

Interactive & Learner-Led Training Technique

The platform’s trainer resources include interactive techniques that keep workshops lively. You can ditch the boring PPT slides for fun sessions and test learners’ skills with team activities, case studies, business simulations, and quiz-based games. You also have materials covering over 100 other related behaviours and skills at your disposal.

Trainers' Library also offers learner-led techniques that spark innovation and discussion during training. In course modules, you'll find fun icebreakers, energisers, and self-evaluation tools to help learners reflect on training sessions and recall key points.

Trainers' Library emphasises the importance of emotional engagement in learning. It uses the RIA (Retention, Inspiration, and Action) education model to create impactful training materials.

How To Use Trainers' Library 

Are you a corporate or self-employed trainer

Purchase a Trainers' Library membership package to access the training materials on the platform. There are free samples under each topic, so you can try out some course modules and exercises before committing to a membership.

The team at Trainers’ Library has supported training professionals around the world for over 20 years, ensuring that training is accessible to all learners, regardless of unique circumstances or learning preferences. They are passionate about innovation, team spirit, and social responsibility.

According to training consultant Julie Thomas, Trainers' Library is ‘the best go-to place for innovative ideas.’

Explore its range of training materials or contact Trainers' Library today at https://www.trainerslibrary.com/training-materials-for-workshops-and-courses.aspx

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