Learn To Massage Your Own Hands To Increase Circulation For Finger Flexibility

Apr 12, 2022

Anyone can learn how to give hand massages to friends – or self-massage! – with a beginner guide published by Hanzzen, a Canadian-based manufacturer of portable hand massagers.

Learn To Massage Your Own Hands To Increase Circulation For Finger Flexibility

Are your hands stiff or painful? You can learn about the benefits of hand massage and how to give a fast and effective massage in this guide by Hanzzen.

Visit https://hanzzen.com/blogs/news/how-to-give-a-hand-massage-beginner-guide-hanzzen for more information.

According to a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, individuals who received a professional hand massage once a week for four weeks and who performed self-massage once a day during that time had less pain and greater grip strength than the control group participants who received standard treatment.

Massage to any area of your body can help to increase blood flow. Unfortunately, hands are often overlooked during massages, even though they are used more often than most other parts of the body.

This report gives step-by-step instructions to teach you how to give a hand massage to another person that takes about five minutes for each hand. Using massage oil or lotion, you should warm up the receiver’s hand with a light, stroking motion.

Once the hand is warm, you apply pressure to each finger, and then to the back of the hand, the wrist, and the palm. At that point, you take the second hand and perform the same technique.

According to this report, you do not need to find someone who can give you a hand massage. You can self-massage your own hands easily.

You should warm up your hand by making a tight fist and then opening and extending the fingers as far as possible four or five times. Then you should make a loose fist and rotate each wrist in a circle five times.

You can then proceed like the technique of massaging someone else, starting with the fingers, the back of the hand, the wrist, and the palm.

Hanzzen also has a portable hand massager if you want to take hand massages to the next level.

A spokesperson for the company stated, “Hand massage is an unfailing therapy for anyone using smartphones to increase finger flexibility and working speed. This exercise will also benefit those who have sports injuries.”

Are you ready to learn how to give a hand massage to a friend or to yourself? Check out this report from Hanzzen - learning the technique is easy.

Go to https://hanzzen.com/blogs/news/how-to-give-a-hand-massage-beginner-guide-hanzzen for more information.

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