Learn How To Use The Infinite Banking Concept To Finance Your Next Car Purchase

Jul 17, 2023

Are you considering buying a new car, but costly bank fees put you off? Would you like to find an alternative that will save you money? I Own My Bank has the answers in their Infinite Banking Concept report.

You’ve seen the car you want; it’s perfect, so you check out your bank’s loan options. Only now you start crunching the numbers, you see that the monthly payments, fees, and interest mean you’ll end up paying nearly double the list price!

Rather than give up on your dream purchase, I Own My Bank is here to teach you about a financial strategy used by those in the know.

The website has details on the Infinite Banking Concept, which can fund your large purchases, such as that new car, without you becoming beholden to banks with high-interest rates and fees.

Visit https://www.iownmybank.com/blog/b/car for more information.

Recent reports have shown that every year Americans pay over $120 billion in bank interest and fees, leading many individuals to search for alternative ways to help them pay for big-ticket items. However, without the right financial insight, knowing which ones are suitable, practical, and offer realistic results can be challenging.

In the report, you will learn how the IBC, a financing strategy originally presented by R. Nelson Nash in his book ‘Becoming Your Own Banker,’ utilizes whole life insurance policies as a means of borrowing money. This strategy creates unique possibilities for low-fee lending that does not incur banking fees.

By using this strategy, the report explains that you can then use this money to fund the purchase of high-ticket assets, such as a car, without needing to resort to financing that can drastically increase the total amount you will pay. Additionally, you can see the benefits IBC offers in comparison to leasing, as it allows you to keep your purchase rather than have to return it at the end of its lease.

Alongside their report, I Own My Bank also has details on how Infinite Banking can be used in other areas, such as tax planning and building up retirement savings. You can also sign-up for an educational webinar should you wish to learn more about the concept and how you can incorporate it into your own finances.

A spokesperson for I Own My Bank said, “This is the 200-year-old strategy that the wealthiest people like Rockefeller, Walt Disney, JP Morgan, and Ray Kroc have used to help multiply and retain their wealth!”

Learn how to avoid costly bank fees when buying your dream car with I Own My Bank’s Infinite Banking report!

For more information, you can visit https://www.iownmybank.com/blog/b/taxes where you can sign up for the next webinar.

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