Learn How To Build A Home Without A Mortgage When You Read This Immigrant Memoir

Mar 4, 2021

Olufemi Williams’ memoir is available to download on Kindle. Tales of a Pseudo-Immigrant gives a detailed account of how the author’s family built a house in the United States without a mortgage.

Create a life you love, learn financial strategies that allow you to live debt-free, and build a home without a mortgage when you read the new finance memoir from author Olufemi Williams!

Olufemi Williams, a memoir author and pharmacist based in Pennsylvania who writes short books based on her experiences, has relaunched one of her finance titles on Kindle.

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Tales of a Pseudo-Immigrant is a first-hand account of Williams’ experience of growing up in an immigrant family in the United States and includes a story of building a house in the USA without a mortgage.

Williams was born in Washington DC to Nigerian parents and explains she has the characteristics of an immigrant, which gives her a unique perspective on living in America. Through the book, she describes her experiences as a pseudo-immigrant living in the United States and has written the book to help other immigrants and young college graduates to avoid financial pitfalls, such as credit card debt and mortgages.

As part of the launch, you will find strategies that explain how you can achieve financial stability and independence in a relativity short period of time, based on the lessons Williams has learned. Using her family’s decision to live debt-free and giving a detailed account of how they built their home without a mortgage or other lending options, Williams explains how you can also build a life and a home without borrowing money.

Chapters include coming back to America, financial strategy, financial mistakes, pros and cons of having a mortgage, spirituality, and more. One section of the book takes a detailed look at mortgages, discusses whether you need to have one, and offers some alternatives.

The short book is 12 pages in length and is suited for reading ages of 11 years and up. It’s currently available as a Kindle download and can be purchased for $3.32. The book was originally published in 2016.

Olufemi Williams is a Pennsylvania-based author, pharmacist, and aspiring real estate investor who writes about her personal experiences as an immigrant and sells her books on Kindle. She has relaunched Tales of a Pseudo-Immigrant to help young immigrants and college graduates make sound financial decisions and live free of debt.

Are you ready to live a life without debt and find alternatives to borrowing?

For more information on Olufemi Williams and the relaunch of Tales of a Pseudo-Immigrant visit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MXZRCNP

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