Learn Effective PTSD Coping Skills With Self-Care Motivational Wellness Classes!

Mar 22, 2021

World-renowned motivational speaker, Baz Porter, announces his new emotional wellness classes that talk about how to overcome PTSD and live a happy life.

PTSD manifests itself in insidious ways. Why are you scared of certain things? Why does your heart go pitter-patter every time you hear a certain noise? These may be signs and symptoms of unaddressed PTSD and you may not even have known it. But now you are being empowered to face your demons and live the life you truly deserve! 

Baz Porter, a recognized motivational PTSD speaker, announces his updated classes on overcoming PTSD, embracing spirituality, and living a normal life. A veteran of the British Army, Porter uses his personal experiences to guide others on their journey towards better mental health.

Begin your new life today at https://www.bazporter.com/copy-of-wellness-events

The series of events will begin in April and teaches students how to recognize PTSD, facing it head-on, and overcoming it every day. As with most mental illnesses, PTSD cannot be “cured” after a single class or by simply taking psychiatric medicine. It involves a multi-pronged approach that involves regular therapy, personal accountability, a strong support system from family and friends, and medicinal supplements. 

Despite the public being more exposed to various psychiatric illnesses, many people are still ashamed to admit they may need help, according to some mental health surveys. 

Baz Porter hopes to remove this stigma with his PTSD classes. By confronting PTSD head-on, he challenges you to overcome your fears and recognize the ways trauma has affected your behaviours and thought patterns. 

The first of the newly announced classes begins on April 13th, and is entitled “Empower Yourself Beyond PTSD: Level 1”. As the title suggests, this class helps you navigate your behaviours to understand how each action you do is influenced by your previous trauma. Porter will then teach you how to use your trauma to thrive in everyday society. 

It is recommended that you attend the first class before attending any of the other classes to fully appreciate the benefits. 

“Unconditional support, unrivaled belief in the human spirit and the ultimate calling to serve are what I use to help people overcome their PTSD,” Porter ends.

Visit https://www.bazporter.com today to learn more! 

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