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Apr 19, 2024

Anxiety and addiction are complex diseases that are extremely difficult to overcome. Don’t go it alone. Find the transformative, personalized treatment you deserve at New Jersey’s leading dual diagnosis treatment center, Relevance Behavioral Health (866-985-5265).

If you're dealing with an addiction that began as a way of managing your anxiety, you are among 20% of the population struggling with the very same thing. And what makes the relationship between your anxiety and using drugs or alcohol to find relief particularly insidious is that those same substances are the ones making your anxiety worse. Before you know it, you're caught in a cycle that feels impossible to break.

But there is help. Relevance Behavioral Health offers a transformational mental health treatment program that is leading the way in holistic recovery solutions.

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Having anxiety and SUD

People who experience anxiety face an elevated risk of developing a substance abuse disorder (SUD). When you're struggling with anxiety and an SUD, the combination influences both the way your SUD manifests and how it's treated. And here's the rub: prolonged drinking or drug use can cause anxiety and can also exacerbate an existing anxiety disorder.

How do you know if you have an anxiety disorder?

Depending on the type of disorder, your symptoms may include restlessness, irritability, nervousness, overwhelming worry, and trouble sleeping. The intensity with which these symptoms manifest, in combination with their impact on your daily life, is what can trigger an intense desire to self-medicate with alcohol and/or drugs. The problem is, this habit changes your brain chemistry, launching you into the throes of an addiction thanks to an unmanageable Catch-22.

Holistic approach to mental health

Relevance Behavioral Health is an advanced holistic medicine and clinical care center that provides a supportive treatment environment where you can focus on your well-being while building the skills needed to manage your stressors in healthier ways.

They take a unique approach to treatment that sets them apart from other treatment facilities, promoting the perfect mind-body balance for your long-term health, happiness, and resilience.

This is where you'll find comprehensive, integrative, and multidisciplinary dual diagnosis treatments that address the whole you. Their program blends evidence-based therapies with alternative approaches to healing - like massage therapy, equine therapy, and yoga - to offer a personalized treatment program designed to meet your individual needs.

A center for the most effective treatments

Your personalized treatment at Relevance Recovery can involve a team of clinicians, including therapists, counselors, dialectical behavior therapy specialists, psychiatrists, and equine therapy specialists, depending on your course of treatment.

Evidence-based therapies available through the center include:

  • Rational emotive behavioral therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Acceptance commitment therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Inner child therapy

...in addition to other proven effective interventions that address the root causes of your mental health issues to promote lasting recovery.

What clients are saying

A recent client says, "The treatment experience at Relevance has been extremely helpful in addressing the root causes of my addiction and teaching me different tools in recovery. All of the counselors provide interactive groups and individual meetings to help me identify my goals and break them down into manageable pieces."

Get in touch today!

Is it time you found the help you need to figure out your anxiety and put an end to the insidious cycle that's developed because of it? Learn more about the treatment available to you at Relevance Behavioral Health.

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