Leading Phoenix MSP Intelligent Technical Solutions Partners with Tempe’s GCS

Mar 22, 2023

How secure is your company’s technological setup? How safe is your client data? For assured cybersecurity, trust managed service providers or MSPs. Thanks to its merger with Granite Computer Solutions (GCS), Intelligent Technical Solutions (ITS) is better equipped than ever to help your Tempe-based business!

Leading Phoenix MSP Intelligent Technical Solutions Partners with Tempe's GCS

Two MSPs are better than one. Intelligent Technical Solutions (ITS) has teamed up with Granite Computer Solutions (GCS) to give your Tempe business access to the power of two cybersecurity experts!

No question about it: ITS has bolstered its capabilities as a managed security service provider (MSSP) to meet your modern commercial cybersecurity demands. By allying with GCS, the company can offer enhanced options for the continued digital protection of businesses like yours in Tempe and beyond.

Visit https://www.itsasap.com/blog/its-merges-with-granite now!

With the move, ITS significantly strengthens its Phoenix area operations in its continued work in the field of advanced cybersecurity. Also carrying out such services in locations ranging from Chicago and Detroit to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, the company provides you with the latest technology-based solutions.

ITS describes its new partner as an expert supplier of managed IT support for businesses of all sizes in Tempe and nearby. Specializing in correcting workstation issues, assessing and replacing servers, and more, GCS can now operate on a wider scale while tackling any and all technical problems your business could encounter.

“Intelligent Technical Solutions (ITS) welcomes the team from Granite Computer Solutions (GCS),” said ITS CEO Tom Andrulis. “GCS has cultivated a talented team and will help ITS strengthen our presence in the Phoenix area as we accelerate growth and value creation for our client base.”

The company’s Phoenix branch points to the important role that managed service providers play for commercial entities, contributing to the ongoing work of businesses through outsourced IT.

Has your company adopted a work-from-home model? ITS stresses the necessity of giving your employees the chance to continue working productively in all settings.

This can be achieved, the company notes, by relying on managed IT service providers like ITS and GCS. Together, these teams can help your business handle vital business components, such as data protection, infrastructure setup, and network security via active support.

GCS CEO Chris Piraino states: "We are excited to be joining ITS to add more value to our clients and partners. We look forward to helping our clients with all that ITS has to offer to improve their businesses and drive continued success."

Head to https://www.itsasap.com/blog/its-merges-with-granite to learn more about the announcement today!

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