Leading Electrical Discharge Machining Company Announces Precision Machining Services in Wisconsin

Jun 26, 2018

CAM Technologies, a wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) company based in Muskego, Wisconsin has announced new precision machining and wire EDM services in their 11000 square foot facility.

Muskego, Wisconsin-based wire EDM company CAM Technologies has announced new precision machining services. The company serves the Muskego, Waukesha, and Milwaukee areas.

More information can be found here: http://www.camtechnologiesinc.com

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is a process of metalworking where material is removed from a metal work piece by electrical erosion. It is often explained as reverse welding. With welding, an electrical current is used to add material, whereas wire EDM uses an electrical current to remove material.

Also known as spark machining, spark eroding, wire erosion, wire burning or die sinking, EDM services are quickly becoming a key component used in many industries including molding components, stamping dies, prototyping, aerospace, and medical.

It is most useful for parts that are made from materials that are difficult to work with and/or made of small or odd-shaped angles, intricate cavities or intricate contours. CAM Technologies is made up of a small but growing workspace with 11 high-speed wire EDMs, 2 EDM micro-hole drilling stations, and 11000 square feet of shop space.

This equipment and facility space allows the company to be small enough to work closely with their customers, but big enough to be able to take on large production and contract jobs. The company takes pride in working with their customers through all phases of a project -- from prototyping to production.

EDM services include medical devices, aerospace components, automotive & motorcycle components, punches & buttons, trim dies, mold components, gears and splines, keyways, cutters, carbide components, replacement parts, and prototypes.

CAM Technologies has the capability of cutting all types of conductive, soft, and hardened material with a maximum work piece size of 41” x 28.7” x 12.2” and a maximum work piece weight of 3550 pounds. Full capability specs can be found on their website. Interested customers can find more information and get a free quote at the link above or by calling 262-679-8004.

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