Latest Masterclass Released By Small Business Coaching Club

Sep 12, 2016

YourBusinessCoachingClub has just released a new online coaching service to members where business issues are resolved in a masterclass session.

  • latest masterclass released by small business coaching club
  • latest masterclass released by small business coaching club

Craig Ridley, Head Business Coach at YourBusinessCoachingClub announced today that a new small business masterclass session had been released for members to view.

“The aim of our masterclass sessions is to allow small business entrepreneurs from around the world to learn from the issues facing other small business owners” Mr Ridley said. “Our members have the ability to submit online questions to our business coaching program and get professional advice on how they can deal with the issue. It is a safe environment to share experiences and insights.”

In a note to members of YourBusinessCoachingClub, Mr Ridley detailed the topics covered in the latest masterclass session, including:

How to make sure business owners are not wasting money on online advertising when they outsource to a digital marketing agency. The coaching session considered the example of a medical practice that had engaged a consultant but had no idea what return they were getting on the investment of $5000 per month.

Whether equipment purchases should be financed when the business has enough money in the bank to pay cash for the equipment. While it initially sounds like a weird question, after all how many businesses have spare cash sitting in their account, it does highlight a need to align cash flow with the longer term business plan.

Can a “too perfect” focus in business restrict the growth potential? The masterclass session looks at a member example where perfection may well have capped the business growth potential to $2m.

How should a business owner budget in a low interest rate environment? Can low rates be used to more easily justify a capital investment program to a bank manager? Interest rates have never been lower across the world, and that can spell danger when planning a significant capital investment program.

Members of YourBusinessCoachingClub are encouraged to log in to the members area to view the masterclass session.

YourBusinessCoachingClub is a revolutionary online business coaching club focused on business improvement strategies for small business entrepreneurs. Members have access to more than 60 business coaching modules, professionally designed and presented by an adviser with more than 30 years experience in driving small business success. Membership is less than 50cents a day and includes online access to a business coach through the Masterclass sessions.

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