Laser Marking Company Offers Laser Engraved QR Codes & Barcodes In Sherbrooke

Nov 17, 2023

Are you tired of replacing stickers on your machinery every maintenance cycle? Would you like a more cost-effective means of tracking your items? Then speak to Systana Gravure (819-578-6999) in Sherbrooke about their barcode and QR code laser engraving services.

Have you ever checked the last maintenance date of your business’s equipment only to find the paper label has peeled off, smudged, or is missing? If so, it’s time to find a modern solution to this problem.

Systana Gravure can help you create permanent barcodes and QR codes using laser technology for your product labeling and identification needs.

As a commercial and industrial signage specialist, Systana Gravure can create laser-engraved codes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes depending on your business’s specific needs.

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Traditionally, many businesses use paper stickers or labels to mark items such as machinery to track past maintenance work or products for traceability. However, as these labels can often become damaged, illegible, or even removed by accident, they can lead to health and safety issues as well as increased costs for replacements.

To create a more permanent and reliable solution for your business in Sherbrooke, Systana Gravure offers its barcode and QR code laser engraving services.

When performing laser engraving, the Canadian company can incorporate additional information such as a company logo alongside a barcode or QR code that links to websites, logs, and tracing information. This combination allows for highly specific details such as user guides, maintenance history, and even where and when the item was originally manufactured.

Alongside being a durable and more accurate solution for product tracing, Systana Gravure’s laser engraving services are also cheaper than traditional printing methods. In this regard, the service removes the need for repeat orders to replace damaged labels, with lower overall costs for smaller quantities.

All of the laser engraving done by the company is available on a range of materials, including lamicoid industrial plastic, stainless steel, and aluminum. Additionally, these materials can be cut into any shape or size required, making them versatile for your business’s needs.

To learn more about laser engraving, you can find a video of the process at

You can also find further details and examples of the company’s work on their website. The site also has information on the company’s other services, which include wood and plastic laser engraving and 3D laser engraving for round, square, and other shaped signs.

A spokesperson for Systana Gravure said, “Our priority is to work with you to meet your expectations towards the production, assembly, and display of your engraving and industrial projects. This results in services that are adapted to your demands. To achieve this, we put at your disposal a highly qualified team.”

Upgrade your business’s product tracing with Systana Gravure’s barcode and QR code laser engraving services in Sherbrooke.

For more information, you can visit or call 819-578-6999.

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