Las Vegas Luxury Pivot Doors For Large Entryways With Effortless Operation

Jul 10, 2024

With Panda Windows & Doors (+1-702-643-5700) you can transform your home and elevate the look and feel of your building. Check out the premium Voyage Select pivot door range!

Looking to add visual impact to your home? Panda Windows & Doors is a local Las Vegas-based door manufacturing specialist and offers fully customizable Voyage Select pivot designs, based on hand-selected locations around the world - from London and Melbourne to Tokyo, Ibiza, and Rio.

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Add a modern touch

Designed for both practicality and functionality, the doors are suitable for residential and commercial buildings looking to add a luxurious, modern aesthetic, and each is equipped with a multi-point locking system.

The Voyage Select range has been engineered to provide smooth operation, even for larger installations. According to the team at Panda Windows & Doors, each option in the series can accommodate panels exceeding 300 pounds while maintaining precise and fluid movement.

Create a bold statement

Unlike conventional hinged doors, pivot doors rotate around a central spindle, allowing for a full 90-degree opening. The result is an architectural statement piece that integrates indoor and outdoor spaces while enhancing the overall flow of your building's design.

Each door is also fully customizable, from the base style to the finishing touches, such as the handles. Panda Windows & Doors offers you a selection of bespoke designs to complement your chosen style, including the Seoul design, the contemporary Seattle handle, the Phoenix, and the Wonder handle.

The full product lineup includes French doors, lift and slide doors, and various other styles, all of which can be customized to meet specific project requirements.

Everything is made locally

The Voyage Select range, along with all of Panda Windows & Doors' products, is manufactured in the United States at the company's state-of-the-art facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, which serves as the hub for design, engineering, and fabrication.

Avi Shoshan, the company owner, states: "At Panda, we design beautiful pieces of functional glass that perform as well as they look. Our mission is to create the most elegant, minimally obtrusive, and precision-engineered windows and doors that will enhance the beauty of your home."

Want an effective way to upgrade and elevate your property? Create custom pivot designs with Panda Windows & Doors!

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