Las Vegas Custom Steel Doors With Energy-Efficient Thermally Broken Profiles

Jun 19, 2024

Looking for a way to beef up your home’s security while making it the most stylish property on the block? Steel yourself for Panda Windows & Doors’ custom-made steel doors, which are available to all Las Vegas homeowners!

There may not be much in the way of custom windows and doors that can fit your high standards, but Panda Windows & Doors is sure to impress. They’ve been in the business of designing custom doors for luxury residences since 1991, and they’ll be able to make a one-of-a-kind door for you! That’s right - a door that no one else in the world has! That’s the best way to set your property apart from all the rest, right? If this has piqued your interest, then check out Panda Windows & Doors’ bespoke steel doors, which you can customize to your heart’s content!

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The Advantages of Steel

When you think of “steel,” your first thought may be to envision those heavy, industrial doors that only look right on warehouses. But that’s not all there is to it. Steel doors are a popular choice for homes because of their aesthetics and durability. Compared to wood or composite material doors, steel doors require less maintenance and are even more robust.

Panda Windows & Doors notes that there are several additional advantages to having steel doors and windows installed in the home. One notable benefit is the flexibility of the material. Because steel can be molded into any shape, you’re at liberty to customize steel windows and doors to fit any part of your home. The inherent strength of the material is another reason why steel is often used in engineering and architecture, as it allows for very thin profiles; this presents you with the potential to create narrow sightlines and unconventionally large entrances without sacrificing your home’s security.

There’s no such thing as stretching steel too thin. No matter what the size or shape, it’ll be able to perform perfectly!

Panda’s Custom Steel Doors

Interested in adding custom steel doors to your home? You can contact Panda Windows & Doors’ engineering team to begin the design process. The company offers various options for their French doors and folding doors, including their M.40 hot-rolled profile. This choice is recommended for homeowners who are looking for exceptionally thin profiles with high acoustic performance. Got a noisy neighborhood? Or maybe you’re planning on hosting the next screamo sensation in your basement. Either way, this profile is a good choice for you since it’ll keep the noise out and in! 

Energy-Efficient Options

For added energy efficiency, Panda Windows & Doors also offers their MT.50 thermally broken profile, which is suitable for areas that experience extreme weather events and temperature fluctuations. With its low U-factor, this profile has a strong insulating effect on the interior of the home, slowing heat transfer and, most importantly, allowing you to reduce your energy bills. By the way, this goes for both cold and hot weather because the material can also reflect heat away from your home.

Both the M.40 and MT.50 profiles can accommodate double- and triple-glazed glass, further improving energy efficiency. Additionally, each profile is available in a number of classic and modern designs that can be customized to your preferences. Want to complete the look? You can also design steel architectural windows with Panda Windows & Doors, and these offer similar configuration options to the company’s doors. They’re great for people who want to achieve that minimalist vibe!

So, if you’re convinced that steel is the right choice for you, contact Panda Windows & Doors, and they’ll be able to create something just for your home. Ready to steel yourself for a design that’ll blow your mind? Then don’t wait a second longer!

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