Large Custom Sized Pivot & Multi-Slide Doors In LA Are High-End Luxury Choice

Jun 10, 2024

At Panda Windows & Doors (888 759-0596) you can create the custom door of your dreams. The door specialists build large luxury doors in incredibly innovative styles that will transform your property.

Whether you’re renovating or having a new home or commercial property built, you have an opportunity to turn your doors into something truly sophisticated and stunning with Panda Windows & Doors, Los Angeles’ most renowned luxury door designers. 

With new customization options available, they are the only choice for high-end doors. Create yours at

Panda Does Custom Sizing, Finishes & Styles

Panda Windows & Doors is proud to be an innovator in luxury and large-scale door design for both residential and commercial properties in Los Angeles, and now—in addition to their extensive design range—they are offering you more custom options, including custom sizings, finishes and styles. 

As Panda Windows & Doors crafts their bespoke and high-end windows and doors in their boutique workshop by skilled artisans and craftspeople, they are able to create a truly unique look for you.

Whether you want particularly tall doors, to transform an entire exterior wall into a complete glass opening, or a radial or curved door, Panda can now offer you their designer pivot and multi-slide doors in an array of custom styles.  

Enjoy The View With An Elegant Multi-Slide Glass Door

If you want to create a back door that flows beautifully into an exterior space like a terrace or veranda, Panda particularly recommends their custom multi-slide glass doors.

“Also known as sliding doors or telescoping doors, our multi-slide glass door systems are ideal for opening up large expanses,” said a member of the design team at Panda. “Panels can slide to one or both sides of the opening, and our pocket door designs can hide the individual door panels entirely from view. The number of panels included in one system is virtually unlimited.”

Go Bold With A Bespoke Pivot Door

Or, if you want to make a statement with your front door, they recommend their bold pivot doors, which work similarly to a classic hinged door except that they rotate weightlessly from the center.

This award-winning style was recently voted Most Innovative Entry Door for 2022 by Window + Door Magazine, meaning you’ll be the essence of sophistication with one of these at the front of your property.

Have The Best Of Quality & Design With Panda

Both of these innovative door styles are unified by their use of high-quality materials that are impact-rated, weather-rated, secure and energy-efficient. The artisan crafters typically work in aluminum, steel, stainless steel, bronze, solid wood, and aluminum-wood clad, all of which you can also customize to your tastes.

Their customer service and design teams are eager to work alongside you in developing your vision because, at Panda Windows & Doors, doors are more than a simple opening, they are a powerful way to create a visually beautiful and dynamic space and to find harmony between the indoors and the outdoors.

Their design team added, “The sleek, crisp lines of our doors make a bold statement that inspires warmth, creativity, and innovation while delivering timeless functional art and sophistication.”

When it comes to your doors, Panda wants you to go grand. 

Start customizing a signature door for your property with their visionary team at

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