Landscape Photograph Shower Curtains: Designer Collection Features Unique Images

May 30, 2024

Sarah James Jazz Merch is excited to now be retailing high-quality shower curtains featuring Sarah James’ one-of-a-kind photographs.

Transform your bathroom into a visually beautiful, unique and welcoming space with Sarah James Jazz Merch. The online boutique has a new collection of designer shower curtains that feature some of Sarah James’ most acclaimed photographs. 

See how her sublime images can turn your shower into a work of art at 

Transform Your Bathroom’s Design Style

Sarah James and her team at Sarah James Jazz Merch have seen that today prints are back in a big way in interior design, and if you’re looking for features like statement art pieces, patterned wallpaper, bold color palettes, her shower curtains could be a spectacular way for you to start redesigning your home. 

With her new collection, she believes she can bring you not just a shower curtain but a dynamic focal point to visually transform your bathroom.

The Landscape Photography Collection

With Sarah James Jazz Merch’s new collection, the boutique is particularly pleased to be bringing you some of Ms James’ most evocative and beautiful landscape photos, which she has taken on her travels throughout New York State and across the United States. 

Sarah James appreciates that the shower can also be a meditative space for many, and she hopes that her designs can also transport you and give you a natural escape in your daily life. 

Some new designs you’re sure to love include ‘Upstate NY Field In Early Fall’, a sun-drenched photograph which shows the mottled autumnal hues of fall and ‘Ashokan Reservoir, Upstate NY Three Suns’, a dreamy and oneiric image which captures the reflections of the setting sun on the glassy water of the reservoir. 

Sarah James herself said of this photograph, “This image only lasted about ten minutes as the sun moved and the angle of the image on the water shifted. Sometimes, due to the earth’s position to the sun, the angles line up, and you can see three suns appear. This is a beautiful image to take a shower with, don’t you think? It creates a feeling of expansiveness, creativity, hope, and fresh ideas for the day.” 

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About Sarah James Jazz Merch

Sarah James Jazz Merch is the woman-owned business of former jazz singer and musician Sarah James. Ms James has quickly established herself as one of New York’s most interesting street and landscape photographers and she is pleased to be sharing her unique eye with shoppers across America with her growing line of bespoke print-on-demand designs. 

A spokesperson for her online boutique said, “Sarah James Jazz Merch is excited to be releasing a new line of designer shower curtains featuring Sarah James photographs. Featured in this line are seasonal images and arresting landscape shots. These shower curtains can also be used as wall hangings, room dividers, family photo backgrounds, or to simply create a beautiful environment.”

Escape the mundane and feel the beauty of nature with Sarah James Jazz Merch’s new shower curtains.

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