Lancaster Moving Companies: State-To-State Transportation Of Family Home Guide

Jun 20, 2024

Thinking about transporting your entire house to a different state but have no idea where to begin? Check out the guide from that explains how to find a company to help you.

If you need to move interstate but can’t bear the thought of leaving your home behind, consider bringing your whole house with you. While this may seem difficult, this guide to finding a house mover from explains how to find the right company and outlines the steps you need to take to ensure a successful move.

To learn more about the process, check out the complete guide to finding a house mover.

Benefits Of House Moving

While transporting an entire house can be complicated, according to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors there can also be numerous benefits. For instance, transporting your entire house can rescue your home from planned development projects such as new highways or railroads. It can also be more environmentally friendly than demolition in which many parts of your house end up in a landfill.

How To Choose A House-Moving Company

To help you transport your entire house interstate, outlines several tips for selecting a house-moving company. You should check, for instance, if a company has the right licensure and insurance before engaging them and should also obtain quotes from multiple companies before making a final decision.

House-Moving Checklist

The guide also provides a checklist of essential tasks to complete before transporting a home. For example, you should notify your mortgage company before moving, as failure to do so can result in the mortgage company demanding the balance on your mortgage to be paid in full.

The guide also explains that the necessary building permits must be obtained before attempting a house transplant. You should contact the building inspectors for both your current and future locations who will be able to provide further information about the required permits. Usually, permits will be needed for both the raising of the house and the installation at the new site.

Insurance is another essential consideration as appropriate coverage will provide financial protection in the event your house is damaged during the move. While the guide explains that most house-moving companies will provide insurance for your house, you should also consider additional short-term coverage to ensure protection in the case of any unforeseen issues during transportation and installation.

“Moving your house to a new location is certainly a complicated and expensive process, but if you truly love your home, the benefit of being able to bring it with you may far outweigh the costs,” explains the guide.

Free house-moving quotes are available for Lancaster residents at where you can also learn more about the house-moving process.

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