Lab Tested 10 PPM Colloidal Silver Liquid Named #1 on Colloidal Care’s Top List, Eliminates SuperBugs, Benefits All Natural Antibacterial Bar Soaps & Skin Lotions List

Mar 29, 2017

Top 3 list of Immune Boosting Colloidal Silver Products, Killing 99.99% Bacteria & Fungus From #1 Online Alternative Health & Beauty Company Colloidal Care.

Strict qualifications were required for high placement on the Top 3 Immune Boosting protocols. It including the use of All Natural Antibacterial Bar Soaps & Skin Lotions List. Colloidal Care evaluated multiple criteria to narrow the field to the best 3 categories.

People from all backgrounds, especially the Alternative Health, Organic Living, Homeopathic and Chemically Sensitive People, congregated to when hearing of the all natural problem solving protocol list was being developed. The full list of antibacterial items can be found on the company website and the multitude of uses for Colloidal Silver Liquid, Bar Soaps & Lotions.

Watch Colloidal Care's video here:

Among the highest ranked in order:

#1) Premium 10 PPM Colloidal Silver Liquid – Kills 99.99% bacteria & fungus.

#2) Premium Colloidal Silver Infused Shampoo, Body & Facial Bars – Antibacterial, non toxic, does not contain Triclosan.

#3) Premium Colloidal Silver Infused Skin Rejuvenation Lotions – Sunburn, dry, chapped, chemically sensitive etc.

When discussing the reasons for creating the list, Mr J. E. Pickett, Sr Marketing Director of Colloidal Care said,

"The list helps everyone because people need real results, they're sick of being over medicated & poisoned by chemical products. Colloidal Silver solves this problem because successful 3rd party microbiological lab tests on our 10 PPM Colloidal Silver, validated proof of the highest quality."

Further credence for developing the list, was the CDC openly admitted there are no man made antibiotics to stop the bacteria resistant SuperBug epidemic. The 5000 year historical usage of antibacterial Colloidal Silver, led this civilization's battle against illness and is likely the key to stopping the mutation of the SuperBug bacteria compared to pharmaceuticals.

Watch the short CDC video here:

Colloidal Care defied convention when they first introduced the all natural antibacterial soaps & lotions. In nature, natural products rot & decay, but not Colloidal Care's products. Their guaranty is they will not to turn rancid. The proprietary methods developed when blending the soaps & lotions, solved the industry's rotting product problem.

The Top 3 list has allowed the best results for health conscious protocols, to anyone enjoying a better lifestyle, when employing the most up-to-date immune boosting care,

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