LA Creative Agency Launches Branding Service For Boosted Loyalty And Engagement

Sep 23, 2021

Is your brand in need of makeover? LO:LA, a creative agency based in Los Angeles, California, has launched its Brand in a Box service – get in touch for the tireless energy, passion and skill that will give your business unprecedented results!

A memorable brand is the key to a customer’s heart.

With the launch of the service, your small to medium-sized business can craft and actualize its ethic and persona to grow into a memorable, trusted brand. Elements of modern business such as logos, videos and online presence are optimized to increase visibility and customer connection.

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LO:LA’s branding service showcases your business’s value through creating communication guidelines, cohesive and consistent messaging, the flexibility to adapt to market and industry, a clear brand identity and more. The results of this are seen through enhanced customer and employee engagement and greater brand loyalty.

Many businesses make the mistake of overlooking branding to focus on strategies like advertising and performance marketing. This outlook is shown to be flawed when considering that emotionally engaged customers are worth twice as much as highly satisfied customers on a lifetime value basis. To ignore emotional ties is therefore to miss out on significant financial gains, with those connected to the brand exhibiting less cost sensitivity, closer attentiveness to communications, and greater frequencies of visiting.

LO:LA has earned the respect and appreciation of clients through a multi-faceted, flexible approach to branding. With the company, your business can remake itself in a cost-effective manner using techniques frequently overlooked or underutilized. You can rely on a dedicated team of professionals with proven results, without the need to pay exorbitantly for their services.

You will be included and collaborated with throughout the Brand in a Box process, safe in the knowledge that previous clients have a history of re-hiring LO:LA following highly satisfying campaigns. Get in touch today to unlock your brand’s potential! 

LO:LA is a creative agency headquartered in Los Angeles. It was birthed with the intention of bringing the power of storytelling to your business, whether you are established or just starting up. Its staff bring experience, insight and creative thought to the branding process, and are equipped with a sound knowledge of market trends to guide you through it. 

The creative team at LO:LA can’t wait to hear from you – the road to the brand you deserve begins with them!

A satisfied client said: “Any company looking to launch or reimagine their brand will have an excellent partner in LO:LA. Throughout the project, the team was flexible and collaborative, demonstrating their dedication to success.”

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