Kristy Woodson Harvey To Release New Novel “Summer Of Songbirds” In Mid-July

May 24, 2023

Fans of Kristy Woodson Harvey will not have to wait long to read her upcoming novel; “Summer Of Songbirds” is slated to release on July 11th, with pre-orders available now.

If you are anything like me, your summer reading list is always growing. Before you go back to daydreaming about some serene time, curled up with a book poolside, allow me to suggest one more title to add to your list: Kristy Woodson Harvey's "Summer Of Songbirds".

This new title comes to us from the author of the seminal "Peachtree Bluff" series, which charted a new course for feel-good Southern fiction and brought Harvey into the limelight as a now well-established voice in the genre. "Summer Of Songbirds" promises to be even more feel-good than the previous entries in Harvey's bibliography, and is sure to scratch that summer reading itch. The book is slated to release in mid-July, but in the meantime, keep an eye out: Harvey is traveling the country, meeting fans and celebrating the release of the novel.

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This narrative, following in the tradition of Harvey’s other work, is set in North Carolina, and is based on the author’s experiences at the world-famous summer camps in that area. Also like her other works, this story weaves an emotionally compelling, multi-generational narrative with themes of love, loss, and friendship.

The story follows June Moore, the matriarch of one of North Carolina’s once-pristine summer camps, now fallen into disrepair and in jeopardy of closing forever. When a group of lifelong friends who met at the camp as children learn of the impending closure, they must band together to attempt to save it, balancing the difficulties of adult life with the nostalgia that forms the backbone of their relationship.

Early reviews of this book place it among Kristy Woodson Harvey’s best work, with many calling it essential summer reading for women and fans of the Southern Fiction tradition everywhere. One reviewer stated, “I can honestly say Summer of Songbirds is KWH at her finest, and I have read all of her books. Add this to your TBR, pre-order a copy, request it from the library because I promise, this will be one not to miss this summer.”

The book release tour for this title is currently paused, and will resume on July 11th with the official release of “Summer of Songbirds” across all platforms. The first of many stops on this post-release leg of the tour is planned to take place in Nantucket, MA, with further dates and details being announced as these dates approach.

Harvey’s work has garnered praise from a wide variety of notable outlets in the past, and many of her stories have earned their place on the NYT Bestseller list. Her “Peachtree Bluff” series is also being adapted to the screen in the near future, and is currently in production with NBC.

Harvey's other books have already solidified her reputation as a master of stories that are practically tailor-made for summertime enjoyment, and this new one is no exception. This is a must-read, especially if you enjoyed time in a summer camp as a child.

Kristy Woodson Harvey is a writer, podcaster, and blogger who has been called the next great voice of the Southern Fiction genre, following in the footsteps of Alice Walker, Sue Monk Kidd, and Ann Patchett. Her upcoming novel will round her body of work out to 10 major releases; you can learn more on her website, where tour information and book summaries are available.

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