King County Tax Preparer Helps With Small Business & Rental Property Returns!

Jul 6, 2024

If you’re late and need help with your state or federal tax return preparation, filing, or extension, Ben Neff at Tabletop Taxes (+1 530 574 3532) offers quick, professional services.

Behind on your taxes and looking for a fast, reliable resolution with a maximum refund? Get in touch with Ben Neff at Tabletop Taxes!

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As a licensed tax preparer and enrolled agent, Ben offers services for residents of King County and beyond, including small business federal and state tax return preparation, filings, extensions, IRS refunds, rental property or Schedule C tax returns, and personal tax solutions.

At a time when many small business or individuals may have extensions for last year’s taxes but are currently struggling to complete the process, Ben helps get all your documents in order and submit returns in an efficient, professional manner.

See High Quality Results

Statistics from the IRA show that around 10 million businesses and 5 million individuals apply for a tax return extension every year, highlighting the need for expedient services. With quick turnaround times, Ben Neff offers personalized, attentive income tax preparation across the United States.

“No matter where you are located, I can work with you and meet your individual needs,” says Ben. “I strive to put your interests first and to serve you with respect and high quality results.”

Along with federal and state tax return preparations or extensions, Ben helps you fill out and submit forms 1040, 1099, W2, 1065, and 8829. Once your tax return has been prepared, it can be signed electronically and submitted through an online portal.

Get Professional Guidance

In the rare instance of a tax audit, Ben is able to represent you in front of the IRS, helping to eliminate stress while saving on time and energy. He can attend meetings by telephone or in person to help resolve an audit situation.

Audit protection is included in the Tabletop Taxes pricing system, and Ben keeps his fees affordable to provide services for a wider number of people throughout the country. He is available on weekends as well as weekdays and you can reach him by phone, email, in person, or even by text message.

Why Choose Tabletop Taxes?

Tabletop Taxes was established in 2022 when Ben passed his examinations to become an enrolled agent. His background as a mechanical design engineer gives him applicable skills in handling complex issues, daunting codes, and intricate calculations - helping him to provide quality client care for all your tax-related questions.

Stop feeling stressed over your late taxes - reach out to Ben Neff at Tabletop Taxes today!

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