KHOW Radio Show Announced a Boot Camp on 10 Steps to Become Savvy Consumers

May 14, 2019

The workshop aims to teach buyers and sellers to be smart and successful consumers. The event will be useful to all consumers, especially first-time home buyers and sellers.

  • khow radio show announced a boot camp on 10 steps to become savvy consumers
  • khow radio show announced a boot camp on 10 steps to become savvy consumers

A Colorado KHOW Real Estate Consumer Radio Show by a Denver host Barry Miller and Consumer advocate Larry Stanley announced an upcoming free boot camp on May 18, 2019. The goal of the workshop is to help consumers to be smart residential real estate buyers and sellers. The workshop also aims to help consumers know and be in charge of the process.

Interested participants may call 800-383-7188 to receive registration information or use the contact form at the Buyer Agent Search website. The whole summary of May 4, 2019, Barry and Larry Radio Show may be found here:

The host of the show provided details about the 6th of the 10 Steps to become a savvy buyer or seller. The 6th step is about reviewing and receiving offers. He emphasized not to let price be the only factor when receiving offers. There are other things in the contract that may have just as big effect as price, like contingencies.

Contingencies are defined as provisions in a real estate contract that make the contract null and void if certain circumstances were to occur. Either the buyer or the seller can propose a condition in a contract. It can be used by the buyer to get out of the contract with the seller. The 3 most common contingencies are appraisal, home inspection, and financing contingency. Contingencies and conditions are negotiable. The hosts of the show also encourage consumers not to put contingencies that aren’t important.

The other steps to become savvy consumers along with the 10 steps in home buying and selling will be discussed further on the upcoming boot camp.

The manager of the Buyer Agent Search, Kathleen Chiras, also shared the selection process they use to find the best and right agents for consumers. She says, “Interview at least two agents and have a good set of interview questions are the top priority. The selection process is already a bit simpler when people contact me because I’ve already gone through many agents throughout the United States to select ones that have good credentials, good experiences, and good track records.”

Chiras then sends out the agents’ profiles to the consumers through email. Consumers are then well on their way to take charge of the property buying or selling process. She encourages consumers to look at two or more profiles and use the list of interview questions she provided. “I always encourage consumers to customize that list based on their own specific needs. Identify who you are and what your circumstances are. The more details you have, the more easily you can match yourself up with the best agent.” Chiras added.

This consultation service has been trusted by consumers for over 20 years. It makes the process of home buying and selling hassle-free and it has no cost. To start looking for top-performing buyer or seller agents in all 50 states and in most cities in the United States, consumers may go to If looking for exclusive buyer agents to help with investing in real estate specifically in Colorado, consumers may visit

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