Keynote Speaker Teaches Your Team & Managers How to be Mindful in the Workplace

Sep 15, 2020

Pandit Dasa, a virtual keynote and motivational speaker has launched a new workshop aimed at business leaders, executives, and teams. Being mindful and resilient at work is designed to improve the way teams interact, and therefore its overall efficiency.

Are you a business leader or executive who works as part of a team? Do you want to teach your team the importance of compassionate communication? Do you want to improve the efficiency of your team and bring people together? If you have answered ‘yes’, read on!

A new virtual keynote workshop has been launched, on how to be mindful at work, to help teams, leaders, managers, and business executives to learn how to develop mindfulness at work and communicate with compassion. Pandit Dasa, a leading workplace coach, virtual motivational speaker, and mindfulness expert has launched the workshop in a bid to foster compassion and bring teams together.

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The newly launched virtual keynote speech and workshop explains how to be mindful and resilient at work and how communicating with compassion can build trust and positive relationships. Pandit Dasa, virtual keynote speaker, asks participants to consider how they have felt when they have received a text message or email that was not thoughtful or lacked compassion.

He suggests rushed or reactive communication can be damaging and lead to negative interactions between individuals. When people are working in teams, this can be disruptive and impact the efficiency of the team.

While it is natural for disagreements and conflicts to occur when people are working together, it is crucial for everyone to be able to manage their emotions to prevent situations where people act out of anger and frustration. This a key way of being mindful and resilient at work.

This virtual keynote and workshop will discuss the four keys to thoughtful and productive communication and the audience will learn several techniques and tactics to help them navigate challenging situations in or out of the workplace.

During the virtual keynote and workshop, participants will gain an insight into the importance of being mindful and thoughtful about their communication, they will gain insights on what to consider before hitting the ‘send’ button, and they will learn how to communicate more mindfully.

In addition, individuals will learn how to develop empathy by putting themselves in the shoes of the recipient of their message. A discussion on the impact of negative communication and the fact it can damage workplace relationships will also take place.

A company representative said: “This workshop will help people to understand the value of learning to listen with an open mind and demonstrate how mindfulness practices can build our emotional intelligence, which will help us sympathize with another’s perspective.”

To find out more or sign up today, interested parties are invited to visit the website provided.

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