Ketamine Psychotherapy For Severe Depression Will Jumpstart Your Healing Process

Nov 4, 2021

Reconscious Medical (800-522-5382) is a new psychotherapy company based in Durango, CO that believes in supplementing talk therapy with low doses of ketamine.

Do you know that the WHO has named depression as one of the leading causes of disability worldwide? Nearly 5% of the global population is affected; and despite common perceptions, many sufferers learn to live with their disease and still be functioning adults.

You may be one of them.

If you’ve struggled with depression all your life and are tired of taking anti-depressants which may or may not be working, then you might need a new type of psychopharmacology.

Our team at Reconscious Medical is paving the way towards safer, more efficient mental health care with our updated ketamine teletherapy services. With a combination of low-dose psychedelics and compassionate psychotherapy, we can treat mental disturbances faster.

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The newly improved therapy accelerates the healing process, especially if you have a treatment-resistant disorder. Through ketamine, your brain becomes more receptive to positive suggestions, improving the efficacy of traditional psychotherapy. Consequently, a structured two-month ketamine-assisted psychotherapy program at our clinic can be more effective than 10 years of traditional talk therapy.

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Medical doctors have noted that since the advent of SSRI antidepressants in the late eighties, mainstream psychiatry has offered no innovation in the treatment of depression. This is compounded by the fact that the rates of mental illness have risen each year with no foreseeable improvement.

There is a need, psychiatric reports suggest, for a better way to address various mental health issues – particularly during this pandemic. One innovation can be in psychedelic psychology which combines traditional therapy with safely administered psychedelics. Further details can be found at 

We began as a new and unique way to psychopharmacology. We believe that certain substances, when taken responsibly and in low doses, can assist in the improvement of health. In particular, ketamine psychotherapy has low risks of potential addiction or dependence due to its moderate doses that are fulfilled at a specialized pharmacy.

New patients are required to take an online assessment form to determine if they are potential candidates for ketamine-assisted therapy. Please remember that the substance can produce temporary visual and sensory distortions so it must be safely prescribed by a licensed physician.

Ketamine is a class III scheduled drug and is used in medical settings as an anesthetic. It is slowly becoming recognized for its therapeutic benefits for mental health, particularly in severe depression leading to suicide. 

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