Kelowna Artificial Grass Expert: Install Natural Fescue Lawns & Terraces

Jul 7, 2024

Want to upgrade your outdoor space this summer? Then check out Lazy Lawn’s (1-888-622-5296) range of artificial grass solutions, now available to homeowners in Kelowna, BC!

We all want a lawn that we can be proud of! Now, thanks to Lazy Lawn, you can get a lawn guaranteed to be the envy of all your neighbours! Their artificial grasses are made from weather-resistant polyethylene and polypropylene fibers and are designed to be virtually maintenance-free, meaning you don’t have to spend any more time mowing, fertilizing, or aerating your lawn.

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Kentucky Blue Lite

The toughest and most durable grass in Lazy Lawn’s range is its Kentucky Blue Lite option. Featuring short and stocky diamond-shaped blades, this grass withstands heavy traffic from both humans and pets. Its dark green blades and olive thatch also make it a visually appealing choice for homeowners.

"With a pile height of 1.38” and a face weight of 80oz, our Kentucky Blue Lite artificial grass is built to last," explained a spokesperson for the company. "Whether you use it in your front or back yard, you’ll be able to enjoy and admire it for many years to come."


Lemongrass, Lazy Lawn’s most popular artificial grass option, has unique W-shaped blades that help it stay cooler even in extreme temperatures. Much lighter in colour compared to Kentucky Blue Lite, Lemongrass remains bold and vibrant all year round.

Spring & Natural Fescue

Another two options are Lazy Lawn’s Spring and Natural Fescue artificial grasses. The most affordable turf in the range, Spring Fescue has thin blades and a low face weight but is still capable of taking serious punishment. Conversely, Natural Fescue — with its dark green and yellow blades and barley thatch — is the one turf that most closely resembles natural grass.


In addition to lawns, all four artificial grasses can be used for landscapes, terraces, playgrounds, and pet play areas. Their versatility also allows them to be utilized for soccer fields, baseball diamonds, putting greens, and tennis courts, as well as in a variety of commercial settings.


As previously mentioned, Lazy Lawn's artificial grasses are virtually maintenance-free, so you'll be spending less time maintaining them and more time enjoying them. As a result of requiring less care, you'll probably also notice your utility bills go down, as you'll be using less electricity and water. What's more, you won't have to worry about your children or pets digging the grass up or causing other damage to it either.

"Bran and the Lazy Lawn team did an exceptional job installing a Kentucky Blue Lite lawn in our front yard," said a satisfied customer. "The project was postponed several times due to rain, but my wife and I were very happy with the final outcome. We would highly recommend this company."

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