KD College Prep Guides Families As Top Colleges Return To Test-Required Policies

Jul 11, 2024

KD College Prep CEO David Dillard said that popular colleges have recently announced their return to test-required policies for the upcoming admissions cycle. KD College Prep’s new combined offerings help many college-bound students who may have been surprised by this change in policy.

Starting in May 2024, KD College Prep (KD) expanded its offerings to include the Complete + Advantage Bundle. This new offering provides 11th grade families with a discounted fee for test prep and college counseling services. 

The new program option responds to a growing demand for combined services as score requirements return. Since February, thousands of families have turned to KD for answers and expedience when preparing for admissions.

KD CEO David Dillard said new score requirements came as a surprise to many college-bound students.

“Students who assumed that test scores would not matter may discover that some of the schools on their college application lists now require them, leaving them to scramble,” said Dillard.

KD has trained its advisors on how to provide specific guidance for students working toward competitive SAT® and ACT® scores in a limited timeframe. In addition, the organization offers extended hours and additional class schedule options during the summer, providing more opportunities for helping students achieve goals.

“It’s not too late for students with approaching deadlines to earn a competitive test score. We’ll do everything we can to help them get there,” Dillard said.

In February, Dartmouth College became the first Ivy League school to publicize its return to a test-score requirement. Now, more than 50 colleges have returned to test-required policies.

Despite the recent test-required trend, many colleges remain test optional. Dillard said this makes for a confusing and unpredictable admissions landscape for students applying this fall.

“More schools may make adjustments to their admission policies in the next few weeks, following the recent decisions by some prominent schools. By the end of next year's admission cycle, there may be even more. Expect continued changes with others holding steady,” Dillard said.

For Class of 2025 students applying this fall, Dillard recommends the APPLY NOW! Essay Boot Camp for 12th graders who will juggle testing and college applications at the same time. The three-day boot camp helps students make a head start on their college applications.

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