Kat Stiles offers Exclusive Cut Prologue from Connected for Newsletter Subscribers

Aug 29, 2016

Newsletter subscribers can now access an Exclusive Cut Prologue from Kat Stiles’ YA Paranormal Romance novel, Connected. Details at http://katstiles.com

People who enjoy fast-paced, fun young adult fiction can now take advantage of the new offering from Kat Stiles. Kat Stiles is offering her Exclusive Original Cut Prologue from her YA Paranormal Romance novel Connected for both new and existing subscribers. The benefit was included in order to give newsletter subscribers an added bonus for signing up.

Specifically, a pdf with the deleted content is offered to customers, by providing a URL with the pdf destination via the newsletter signup.

To take full advantage of this added bonus, customers can visit the website at http://katstiles.com/newsletter for details. A simple signup form will allow the reader to gain access for free to the scene, as well as entry in monthly giveaways and updates on new releases.

Kat Stiles is excited to unveil her Exclusive Original Cut Prologue as it's a great bonus feature for fans of Connected and young adult fiction readers alike.

On this subject, Kat Stiles said: "I want to offer my loyal readers a rare glimpse into the killer's personal life with this prologue. Though it ultimately didn't make the final copy, it's still a deliciously creepy scene and chilling view of the antagonist."

Kat Stiles has made a point of listening to her customers and taking feedback wherever possible. Customers are the number one source of inspiration for new ideas.

Having been in business now for 2 years, Kat Stiles strives to attract 5,000 more loyal reader subscribers in the next year. This dedication has made her known among customers as being a consistent provider of fun blog articles, fabulous indie author giveaways and awesome bonus content.

Interested parties who would like to be among the first to experience the Exclusive Original Cut Prologue from Connected by Kat Stiles are encouraged to visit the website at http://katstiles.com for full details and to get signed up for her newsletter.

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