Kansas City Best Woven Wood Window Coverings & Bamboo Shades With UV Protection

Oct 24, 2023

Ready to lower your utility bill by getting smarter window coverings? Inside Solutions ((913) 890-3737) in Kansas City offers all-natural woven wood shades and blinds made from sustainable materials!

Did you know that bamboo shades or blinds can naturally help insulate your home from heat and cold? What's more, they protect you and your belongings from UV rays!

Inside Solutions' professional design team can help you pick exactly the right type and color of woven wood shades or blinds for your home interior.

Want to learn more? Just go to https://insidesolutionsllc.com/woven-woods/

Woven Wood?

Woven wood shades are made from a variety of materials including bamboo, grasses, reeds, rattan, jute, and wood.

Bamboo allows for light filtration while blocking solar heat, which reduces the need for air conditioning. In the cooler months, bamboo shades or blinds work to insulate a home or business.

Inside Solutions Has It All

Inside Solutions offers both residential and commercial customers an energy-efficient window covering option in woven wood.

Woven wood shades and blinds are made from eco-friendly, renewable materials, making them more environmentally sustainable than conventional window coverings. Inside Solutions offers them in a variety of styles and colors, so you can customize them to match your interior decor.

Do you have small children at home? Inside Solutions offers kid-safe cordless woven wood shades and blinds. The company also offers motorized options, so you can easily control your new window coverings using your smartphone or remote, all while sitting on the couch!

You can even customize your new natural-fiber blinds or shades to include personalized accessories like edge banding and beads on the hem.

The expert team at Inside Solutions will work with you directly to choose the best material, style, and shade for your decorating goals and interior furnishings. Just call to schedule your FREE consultation!

About Inside Solutions

Located in Johnson County, Kansas, Inside Solutions has been serving the Kansas City area since 2001. The family-owned company provides quality window coverings for both residential and commercial buildings. Inside Solutions offers complimentary consultations and strives to include customers in each step of the design process.

Want to learn more and contact the team at Inside Solutions? Get started making your home more eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and beautiful by visiting https://insidesolutionsllc.com/

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