Junction City, OR Backyard Custom Shed/Workshop Design With Windows & Shelves

Jan 25, 2022

Oregon Backyard Buildings want to build you your dream shed, now offering a wide range of new customization options for you to choose from.

Junction City, OR Backyard Custom Shed/Workshop Design With Windows & Shelves

Looking for someone to build a shed for your storage or workspace needs? When it comes to backyard structures, the possibilities are endless, but it can be impossible to know where to start without help. Oregon Backyard Buildings can help: from planning to execution, they have you covered.

To view their expansive catalog, visit https://www.oregonbackyardbuildings.com

Their catalog now includes lofted barns, utility sheds, and studio sheds, all of which can be fitted with a variety of interior modifications as well. This adaptability is nothing new, though, as Oregon Backyard Buildings is well-known for its on-site design work and ability to erect customized workspaces.

Given the recent increase in the cost of raw materials, it can be difficult to predict and budget for projects such as shed construction when not partnered with an outside contractor. Prefab and pre-planned construction projects offer a solution to this problem, as, unlike traditional construction, they are priced in a simple, predictable way.

Among the many benefits of enlisting Oregon Backyard Buildings for a shed construction project, they offer quick delivery of prefab, free-standing sheds through their network of DOT-certified drivers. These sheds notably include the new line of Old Hickory real-wood sheds, which can be placed anywhere and moved as needed.

In addition to the prefabs, though, Oregon Backyard Buildings also offer a mix-and-match customization package, allowing you to choose from a wide variety of windows, doors, and interior additions such as workbench and shelf space. These sheds will then be constructed on-site by the company’s skilled team of builders.

Stop wasting space in your garage and dealing with an ocean of clutter when you could simply order a storage shed, have it delivered, and feel your worries disappear!

As part of their commitment to customer satisfaction, the company even offers a 3D shed customizer, giving you a first-hand look at what the custom structures will look like when finished. Once complete, the simulation will provide you with a full pricing guide, meaning no surprise fees later down the line.

One satisfied customer took to Facebook to review their experience, saying, “Jorgan & Jalila were awesome to work with. We wanted some different customizations, and they accommodated us perfectly. We received the shed in a timely manner and it was even better than we expected.”

Visit https://orders.oldhickorybuildings.com/quote?dealer=1000080 to start building your beautiful backyard structure.

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