Join This Online Networking Event With The Franklin Lakes Chamber Of Commerce

Oct 31, 2020

An online networking event is taking place on Wednesday 11th November. The event has been launched by The Franklin Lakes NJ Chamber of Commerce in a bid to bring business owners together.

How are you connecting with business owners and operators while keeping social distancing in mind? Have you considered joining an online networking event to meet new connections? Have you thought about joining your local chamber of commerce to increase your business credibility and exposure? If you want to find out more, this is the event for you!

The Franklin Lakes Chamber of Commerce has launched a new online Virtual Table to Table Networking event designed to bring you together with other business owners. The team behind the event explain it provides an opportunity for you to meet other people in your industry while developing and building mutually beneficial relationships that can help your business grow.

You get your Ticket Now at

The newly launched event is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 11th November at 7pm EDT and offers you the chance to meet like minded individuals and business owners. As you may be aware, online networking provides an opportunity for you to talk about your backgrounds, businesses, and products and to find connections with other people.

It is not designed for hard sales or pushing products on people. The event is part of a series organized by the chamber in a bid to bring you together with other business owners to help you maintain connections during a time of social distancing. If you plan on attending, you will be required to connect via either a mobile, laptop, or device with both video and sound.

Franklin Lakes Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization designed to support local businesses and business owners such as yourself as you navigate the world of business. In case you are wondering, benefits of joining the chamber include the fact you can network with like minded individuals, learn from each other, and cultivate long-term successful rewarding business relationships.

Whether you are an individual or freelancer working by yourself, or you are the owner of a medium or large corporation, everyone is welcome say the team. They can help you if you live in the local area or if you own a bricks and mortar establishment or operate purely online.

Research from the chamber shows consumers are more likely to think favorably of your small business if you are a member and they are more likely to purchase goods or services from you in the future.

A company representative said: “For less than a cup of coffee a day, The Franklin Lakes Chamber of Commerce provides a great vehicle to get people to know about who ‘you’ and your business are. Plus, our virtual events are always free for our members and their invited guests.”

You can find out more or secure tickets via the link provided! Alternatively, you can find out more about the chamber via its website at

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