Join The Fight To Stop Shark Finning & Help Bring Balance To Marine Ecosystems

Dec 16, 2023

Sharks are some of the most intelligent and ecologically important animals on the planet, but they are in danger. Join Ever Wonder Adventure in their fight to stop shark finning, a practice that is decimating shark populations around the globe.

For many of us, the word "shark" creates a sense of fear. But, much of that is due to the demonization of sharks in our culture. In reality, sharks are super important for ecological health.

Ever Wonder Adventure is on a mission to stop shark finning, a brutal practice that leads to tons of unnecessary shark deaths, once and for all, for the benefit of the whole planet.

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Education Is Key

Ever Wonder Adventure is running a campaign that aims to educate the public about the practice of shark finning, which involves capturing sharks, removing their fins, and then discarding their damaged bodies back into the ocean. As the organization explains, most sharks are not able to survive after losing their fins and end up dying as a result.

Ever Wonder Adventure's conservation campaign also focuses on the ecological importance of sharks. As some of the ocean's biggest predators, sharks contribute to regulating prey populations, which helps maintain a balanced biodiversity.

In fact, shark extinction would lead to serious overpopulation issues in their prey species. And, since everything in nature is connected, this overpopulation would take a major toll on the health of underwater flora and coral reefs, which would end up being overgrazed.

Join The Fight!

Ever Wonder Adventure has partnered with world-renowned shark conservationists, including marine biologist and oceanographer, Dr. Sylvia Earle, and professor of marine science, Dr. Neil Hammerschlag. "There is a real case to be made for recognizing ecocide in the International Criminal Court," said Dr. Earle when discussing shark finning. "Our existence is on the line."

Ever Wonder Adventure hopes to inspire environmentalists, travelers, and the public alike to join them in their work to ban the practice of shark finning.

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About Ever Wonder Adventure

Ever Wonder Adventure's intent is to empower communities for climate action by reducing emissions, conserving land, building resilience, and fostering ecological balance. Along with its ecosystem preservation efforts, the organization creates eco-travel opportunities for sustainability-minded adventurers. Ever Wonder Adventure collaborates with businesses, NGOs, governments, and academic institutions to address climate change and environmental imbalance.

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