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Jul 10, 2020

If you’re struggling with the mental health implications of Alopecia, then this foundation is for you! Get in touch to see how they can help you!

Suffering from Alopecia can have a big impact on your mental health. Unfortunately, data shows that many children dealing with Alopecia-related hair loss also encounter bullying.

Regardless of the issues you’re dealing with, Blessyns Alopecia Mental Health Foundation is here to help. They’re a nationally recognized non-profit organization that puts you first.

Blessyns Alopecia Mental Health Foundation has launched a new campaign to raise awareness for Alopecia in children and adults. It covers what Alopecia is, the symptoms of the condition, and how to treat the autoimmune disease.

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The site explains that Alopecia Areata, which is called Alopecia for short, is an autoimmune disease that causes the body’s immune system to target and attack healthy cells. This can often cause the hair follicles to stop growing.

Similarly to other autoimmune diseases, having one condition like this can make the body more susceptible to other diseases. Generally with Alopecia, the hair will fall out in small circles, close to the size of a quarter. Depending on the severity of the inflammation, it can then spread to other parts of the body where hair can grow.

Currently there is no known cure for Alopecia, but there are treatments available. This varies depending on spread, and it’s rare to find two people with the same treatment plan.

The Blessyns Alopecia Mental Health Foundation highlights that Alopecia doesn’t discriminate based on a person’s age or gender. In addition to this, it’s possible to be asymptomatic and not notice anything is happening until the hair loss materializes.

One of the major driving factors in this hair loss is stress. High levels of stress can trigger flare ups, which is an important factor to keep in mind.

There are three types of Alopecia, which are Alopecia Areata Patch, Areata Totalis, and Areata Universalis. The patchy form is the most common, which presents itself as smooth, round patches. Totalis presents itself as total loss of hair on the scalp, while Universalis is the loss of hair across the whole body.

Treatments include steroid creams and scalp applications, local injections, tablets, Dithranol cream, and UV light treatments.

Blessyns Alopecia Mental Health Foundation is a nationally recognized non-profit organization with a mission to provide support for youth and adults with Alopecia and mental health challenges. They are also fully committed to helping those who have been bullied or are experiencing bullying as a result of their condition.

They state: “Our goal is to assist our community members that have these conditions to learn how to overcome the emotional distress, learn how to accept it, and teach them coping mechanisms so they will gain the courage to embrace their mental health challenges.”

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