Join Research Study For High Cholesterol In Downtown Chicago To Benefit Society

Nov 18, 2022

Chicago Clinical Research Institute research study located in Chicago – South Loop. CCRI is conducting studies in various therapeutic areas such as Obesity, T2DM, Hyperlipidemia, Cardiovascular Studies, High Cholesterol, Knee Pain, LowBack Pain, Osteoarthritis and more.

Join Research Study For High Cholesterol In Downtown Chicago To Benefit Society

If you want to participate in clinical trial not only would you be helping society bringing new therapies to market you may also be benefited by new therapies that are in the process of getting FDA approval. You may visit our website to submit your information please scroll down on the page or call us to participate in a clinical trial Chicago Clinical Research Institute, Inc.’s (CCRII’s).

The research facility is inviting you to participate in the study if you have high cholesterol, Obesity, Cardiovascular Disease, recent hearth attach or stroke or Type 2 Diabetes, Knee Pain, Osteoarthritis. All of CCRII’s clinical trials offer patient stipend if you qualify for the study. Call now to see if you or your family member may qualify. You do not need to have medical insurance in order to be considered for participation in a clinical trial. The staff will ask additional screening questions to see if you qualify for any of their ongoing clinical trials.

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CCRII’s clinical trial for cholesterol medication coincides with the ongoing rise of the condition in the US. According to the latest figures from the CDC, roughly 38% of American adults now have hyperlipidemia or high cholesterol which predisposes people to both heart disease and stroke, which are two of the major leading cause of death in the United States.

You will join hundreds of other members of the study, which is anticipated to last for a duration of at least one year. In addition to being paid, all costs of your medication will be covered for the duration of the study.

If you suffer from high cholesterol, knee pain, osteoarthritis, Type 2 Diabetes, participating in a research study may lead to a medical breakthrough, which may go on to positively impact your experience of the condition for the rest of your life.

83% of the patients participating in a clinical trial believe it is an act of service that benefits society and humanity and allows an everyday citizen like yourself to become a true medical hero.

Chicago Clinical Research Institute, Inc. was founded in 2008. Since that time, they have worked tirelessly to work with sponsors and CRO's to developing new treatments and therapies for conditions such as hyperlipidemia, Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Chronic Kidney Disease, Low testosterone, Mens Health, Womens Health, Obesity, Cardiovascular Disease, Osteoarthritis, Covid19 Vaccine, Covid19 treatment and much more.

A spokesperson for the research center said, “CCRII is in the business of testing a hypothesis while putting the patient’s health first. We are committed to developing products that make a difference for the people who need them, and we never compromise on ethics or quality.”

If you join CCRII’s paid research study, you have the chance to do something truly good for yourself and your fellow citizen.

Visit if you want to join to help in the fight against high cholesterol.

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