Jersey City Diversity Hiring Recruiters Have New Job Listings For LGBTQ+ Talent

Dec 7, 2023

WorkplaceDiversity (973-992-7311) can help businesses in Jersey City and New Jersey attract and keep the best LGBTQ+ talent, and to open up new opportunities for their business, by doing diversity hiring right.

At WorkplaceDiversity, Pride isn’t just a month out of a year, it is a way of being. The diversity recruiters are committed to making workplaces more inclusive and more equal, and they invite you to become one of the leading businesses that advertise their jobs with them.

The specialist diversity recruiters are pleased to be expanding their recruitment services by offering your business a new online diversity-focused job board that is specifically for LGBTQ+ individuals in the job market. With this specialized job board service, the diversity recruiters hope to connect your business with a diverse pool of qualified candidates and to help you create a more inclusive workplace environment that champions equality and acceptance.

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Although many Americans perceive that Pride culture has reduced or even eradicated the barriers that LGBTQ+ individuals face in the workplace, WorkplaceDiversity knows this is not the case. As the latest report from the Center for American Progress (CAP) shows, up to 17% of gay and transgender Americans have been passed over for a job because of their sexuality or gender identity, with up to 43% also experiencing discrimination on the job. Therefore, the diversity recruiters are committed to improving employment outcomes for LGBTQ+ individuals. 

WorkplaceDiversity believes their new job board service will provide you with an accessible platform to showcase your commitment to diversity and inclusion. By posting job your opportunities on the recruiter’s dedicated LGBTQ+ job board, you can attract top talent from the LGBTQ+ community and send a powerful message about your dedication to fostering a workplace where everyone feels valued and included. 

Customizable packages are also available to you if you would like featured job advertisements and/or a spotlighted company profile on the recruiter’s new online job search hub. 

WorkplaceDiversity’s commitment to diversity also extends beyond their job board service. The company can also offer you resources, training, and consultancy services to help you create advertisements that showcase your inclusive ethos and to then put that ethos into practice by creating and maintaining an inclusive workplace culture that celebrates diversity in all its forms. 

About WorkplaceDiversity:

WorkplaceDiversity is a nationwide diversity hiring specialist with branches across the country, including in Jersey City. Expanding from their original job hub at, they are pleased to be offering your business more specialized job boards and recruitment services, including at their new hubs: and They are proud to celebrate inclusion and equality. 

A spokesperson for the recruiters said, “Reach out to our sales team to learn more about who we are and how we can help you towards your diversity recruiting goals.” 

Diversity hiring is about more than meeting your legal requirements, it is about creating a better future for all Americans.

Visit to see how you can attract and keep the best LGBTQ+ talent. 

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