Jefferson GA Tree Service Offers Exclusive Discount

Jun 17, 2018

Campbell’s Tree Services, located in Jefferson, Georgia, has established their brand as the leading provider of full spectrum arborist services in the region. They are now announcing special pricing for first responders and veterans.

Campbell's Tree Service, which is owned and operated by a Veteran of the Army's elite 75th Ranger Regiment, has announced that they will provide a discount to first responders. In addition to the military veteran discount that they have always provided, Campbell's now wants to give back to the Police Officers, Fire Fighters, and Paramedics who serve the community of Jefferson, Georgia. Kevin Campbell, the founder of the brand, also wants his community to know that they will help single parents with special pricing as well. "We have been blessed, and we simply want to do all we can to bless others whenever possible."

Those who know Kevin, say that he brings the discipline, character, and resilience from his prestigious military service - to this business. His crew, like his customers, are loyal to the brand and the mission. When rating Campbell's Tree Service, one of their customers recently had this to say, "Price was more than fair! The owner himself went above and beyond my expectations! Everyone who I have referred has called to tell me they have had the same experience. This company deserves 10 stars in my opinion."

Mr Campbell works consistently to educate consumers about the importance of hiring not only experienced and trained tree professionals, but also ensuring that they are licensed and insured. "Most of us know instinctively that you get what you pay for, but it's also really important to consider the huge risks that you expose your property to when you hire someone who is not properly trained or insured. We do our best to warn residents about this, and we strive to price our services in a fair and transparent way."

As the arborist profession continues to grow and expand, competition can sometimes become fierce. Companies like Campbell's Tree Service will surely continue to stand apart from the crowd with the reputation that they have established.

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