Japanese Garden Design Expert Recommends Evergreen Trees To Grow At Home

Jun 6, 2024

Do you love the peace and tranquility of Japanese gardens? Bring some of that calm to your own garden with ZenFusionHome’s reference guide!

Evergreen trees are a staple of Japanese gardens. Their beautiful colors, unique structures, and overall aesthetic evoke a sense of calm and comfort. If you want to incorporate evergreens into your own garden, ZenFusionHome’s reference guide is the perfect place to start.

The gardening expert has compiled a list of Japanese evergreen garden plants, detailing their scientific and common names, characteristics, USDA hardiness zones, and sizes, and offering care tips.

Read the full reference guide here!

The Allure Of Japanese Gardens

ZenFusionHome was built with a love for Japanese culture and aesthetics in the world of gardening.

With its guide, ZenFusionHome hopes to inspire you to create your own Japanese garden, giving you a list of evergreen tree recommendations based on Yoko Kawaguchi's book, “Authentic Japanese Gardens”.

“The allure of Japanese gardens lies in their ability to evoke a sense of tranquility and natural beauty, blending various elements of nature into a harmonious whole,” said the ZenFusionHome guide. “Central to achieving this aesthetic are evergreen trees, which provide year-round color, structure, and a sense of permanence.”

Keep Your Garden Beautiful All Year Round

ZenFusionHome's reference guide features many beautiful evergreen trees with fascinating characteristics and uses. Examples include the Buxus microphylla, commonly known as the Japanese box, an evergreen shrub used for hedges and topiaries, Cleyera japonica, commonly known as Sakaki, a Broadleaf evergreen shrub sacred in the Shinto religion and used in tea gardens, Ilex rotunda, commonly known as kurogane holly, round-leaf holly, or kurogane-mochi, a female evergreen that produces red berries in winter, and many more.

The guide also provides plant care tips for each evergreen tree, factoring in the temperature, water, sun, shade, etc., they would need.

Find Your Community

ZenFusionHome is an online hub for all things garden-design-related. On a mission to inspire a love of gardening in casual hobbyists and share knowledge that will help more seasoned enthusiasts build their own serene garden spaces, ZenFusionHome uses its platform to explore the fascinating world of Japanese gardening and design.

“We’re not just about planting flowers; we’re here to guide you on a journey to transform your outdoor sanctuary into a tranquil and beautiful haven. If you appreciate Japanese culture, Zen design, tranquility, and the pursuit of peace in your home, you’ve found your community,” said a spokesperson for the platform.

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