ITS Announces Partnership with Olympia-Based Tech Services Company for SMEs

May 15, 2023

Are you looking for managed IT and cybersecurity help desk support in Olympia? In collaboration with BrightWire Networks, Intelligent Technical Solutions can streamline your business operations and enable you to thrive!

Outsource your IT management to accelerate your business growth - in partnership with BrightWire Networks, Intelligent Technical Solutions (ITS) will keep your operations running smoothly!

Through the partnership, ITS can offer your company a wide selection of managed IT, cybersecurity, and compliance.

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Offering a range of intelligent IT solutions, the managed security service provider, in collaboration with the Olympia-based technology and support company, can help you meet your security goals and compliance obligations. It provides federal-grade cybersecurity coverage and enterprise-level, round-the-clock managed IT support.

By devising and deploying IT measures that fight malware and cyber attacks 365 days a year, ITS minimizes your security vulnerabilities and inspires confidence in your business technology. Moreover, as its expert team commits to proactively preventing security breaches in your networks, the service they provide can increase your teams' productivity and eliminate the downtime that could occur if there were to be a system failure.

Discussing the MSPs’ collaboration, BrightWire Networks CEO said, “The partnership with ITS accelerates the vision of BrightWire, which is to be an unrivaled business of service that inspires and empowers people to be extraordinary.”

BrightWire Networks will help the MSSP provide you with exhaustive protection from cyber threats, which might otherwise prove fatal for your growing companies. They will do this by resolving potential issues before they cause you disruption and maintaining a high level of surveillance at all times.


Since it was founded in 2003, ITS has protected over 16,000 devices and has collaborated with over 800 clients in Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Reno, Olympia, Tempe, and San Francisco.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Our goal at Intelligent Technical Solutions is to ensure our small-business clients can reach their full potential with enterprise-grade technology solutions that will support their current and future needs, without going over their budget.”

In 2022, it was listed in the world’s top 250 managed security service providers by MSSP Alert, a resource published by CyberRisk Alliance. You can rely on the MSP to provide comprehensive technical services and 24/7 help desk support in the architectural, automotive, biotech, healthcare, and finance industries.

ITS will take on the task of managing your IT, cloud computing, data analytics, and cybersecurity. Get a technology assessment by calling 888-969-3636!

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