ITCS and KGIM Announced Customer Centric Partnership

Apr 7, 2017

IT Consulting firm ITCS accounces partnership with marketing expert KGIM.

Information Technology service prodvider, ITCS and Internet Marketing sensation, KGIM have announced a strategic partnership going forward. According to the details of the agreement, both companies have agreed that partnering up will enabled both companies to leverage each other's strengths. For example, ITCS, a national service provider of information technology, can better leverage its resources to provide training for its technical and support staff. The company realizes that by focusing on its core strength, will enable it to provide better technology solutions to its customer base in the form of advance training. This is strictly not limited to just the IT department, but will also benefit its Customer Service department as well. ITCS will now instead leave its marketing strategies into the hands of KGIM, which has a track record of implementing highly successful marketing campaigns.

The partnership is two folds, as KGIM will in turn also focus strictly on it's core strength of marketing. It will in return rely strictly on ITCS for technical support of it's technical infrastructure such as its cloud service of web servers and technologies.

Full details on the partnership can be viewed here:

In the near future, customers of both companies can expect to see consumers benefiting from higher quality support of technology. As well as faster response time. However, the most noticeable difference customers will notice is in the form of lower cost in services. Which, includes information technology services and marketing campaigns.

As part of a long-term strategy, the two companies hope to have continued success with the following long term goals.The first of which is to streamline operations. By embracing this joint partnership, each company can streamline its operation. As staffers scope of responsibilities will be reduced so that they can dedicate more effort and time to produce higher quality results. This will in turn yield a better service and support to its customers.

When asked about the new joint venture, Guy Nicks from ITCS said, "We are excited about this partnership as it will enable us to deliver even a higher quality of service and value to our customers."

Current and future customers are invited to learn more about the joint venture and how they will benefit by visiting the website at:

About ITCS and KGIM

ITCS was founded in 2016 and serves the IT Consulting industry. KGIM was founded in 2013 and serves the Internet Marketing industry.Videos and press releases can be obtained from the following links:

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