Italy Home Buying Help: Professional Support From Finding A Home To Closure

Jun 5, 2024

Purchasing a property in Italy is not always a straightforward as it might be in the US. Dolce Living is a professional consultancy that manages the entire process on your behalf.

An increasing number of travelers return from their Italian vacations with the dream of owning their own piece of the Bel Paese. While prices are generally affordable, bureaucracy can turn your dream of owning an Italian property into what feels more like a nightmare. As with almost anything, some local expertise goes a very long way, and that’s exactly what Dolce Living provides.

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The team helps you at every stage of the process, including finding the right property, due diligence, filing documents, and much more. That frees you up to plan your new life in Italy, instead of experiencing the significant stresses of buying a property abroad. 

Dolce Living points out that the complexities of Italian bureaucracy are often compounded by cultural differences. The firm offers expertise and support designed to minimize such challenges and make the purchasing process as hassle-free as possible.

“From choosing a home to ensuring you have electricity, we’re here for it all,” a company representative explained. “We will liaise with various local professionals, manage the due diligence process, and negotiate the purchase contract on your behalf. You can be assured your purchase is being managed professionally, giving you the freedom to embark on your Italian chapter with confidence.”

Support Designed For US Buyers

The popular Italian property blog Gate-away recently released its annual report, covering activity in the last calendar year. The study found that the greatest number of requests about properties came from Americans, at 28.82%, followed by Germans at 11.53%, and British at 9.05%.

Dolce Living explains that such statistics highlight the strong and continuing interest in Italy as a place to buy a second home, or to retire. The firm recognizes that the locations people are considering can also be very diverse, and the team therefore comprises specialists from many areas of Italy.

About Dolce Living

Headquartered in Albany, New York, Dolce Living brings together a team of Italian experts, including property surveyors, legal consultants, tax consultants, and real estate financiers.

Dolce Living partners with two Italian professionals who are masters in their respective fields. Adriano Brizzi is a seasoned geometra and surveyor who for over 20 years has supported international buyers in securely purchasing their homes in Italy. Luca Serafini is an English-speaking Dottore Commercialista (CPA), part of the renowned Studio Galletti Leonelli Santini tax advisory firm. These partnerships help Dolce Living support its clientele on all fronts to ensure they are able to purchase and enjoy their new Italian homes with complete peace of mind.

The firm offers a five-stage process, covering everything from initial consultation through to final closing, designed to cover all aspects of purchasing a property in Italy.

“I spent several months trying to acquire my family’s home in Calabria,” one client recently stated. “I was stalled by bureaucratic issues, but Dolce Living’s intervention put the process back on track and allowed me to finalize the transfer of ownership of the home. Now, I can rest easy knowing that the home will stay in the family.”

Arrange a free consultation with Dolce Living and discover how they can make your Italian dream a reality.

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