Is Alicia Lyttle’s Freelancing Genius Worth It? Find Out In This In-Depth Review

Sep 6, 2023

If you’re looking for a more flexible work-life balance, freelancing might be the right path for you. Startup Business Wire’s recently published review of Alicia Lyttle’s Freelancing Genius program and associated webinar can give you a taste of what the freelancing life is like.

As a freelancer, you’ll get to work with multiple individuals and businesses on your own schedule, market your skills to secure contracts, and set your own pay rates. It costs little or nothing to get started, and you get to be your own boss.

So, if you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to dust off those graphic design skills you haven’t used in a few years – and get paid for it, too – then you might want to check out Startup Business Wire’s new review of Alicia Lyttle’s Freelancing Genius program.

The report will give you a comprehensive overview of a webinar introducing the Freelancing Genius program. The goal of the program is to empower participants - especially women - with the knowledge and tools they'll need to set up an at-home, online freelancing business which they can use to generate extra income.

You can find more information here:

The new review gives entrepreneurially-minded readers like you the scoop on a unique learning opportunity that can help them exchange their conventional job for a non-traditional career path that lets them enjoy a more flexible work-life balance.

Although many US companies have made significant efforts in recent years to create more inclusive workplace cultures, women still face considerable challenges at work as of 2023. According to Deloitte’s Women @ Work 2023 report, more than a third of women surveyed rated their mental well-being as poor or very poor, and the percentage of women who felt comfortable talking about mental health in the workplace was only 25%.

As the report details, the Freelancing Genius program offers female participants an alternative to such drawbacks of the traditional workplace by providing them with a wide range of tools that will help them grow their own freelance businesses via the Freelancing Genius platform.

If you'd like an introduction to the program and platform, the report describes the valuable knowledge you stand to gain from the webinar. You'll learn how to use the strategy of freelance flipping to outsource certain tasks, discover hidden opportunities in the freelance world, reliably acquire new clients, and develop a competitive portfolio to ensure a steady stream of projects.

Webinar presenter Alicia Lyttle is an experienced and well-respected entrepreneur in the realm of online business who has made millions of dollars in revenue from her ventures. Currently, she is able to support not only herself but her family through these online businesses.

“With Alicia’s guidance, you can develop the skills to become a true freelancing genius with her program,” a company spokesperson said. “You’ll learn comprehensive techniques from an experienced entrepreneur who’s passionate about helping individuals reach their goals.”

If you want to run your own business, set your own hours and pay rates, and manage your own project contracts, freelancing could be your gig. The Freelancing Genius program can show you the ropes and offer you a comprehensive platform that includes a supportive network of fellow entrepreneurs who have been where you are and can offer you guidance on your self-employment journey.

Check out Startup Business Wire’s review of Alicia Lyttle's Freelancing Genius program at

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