Invisible & Rechargeable OTC Hearing Aids For Perceived Mild Hearing Loss

Jun 17, 2024

Enhance your hearing with OTC (over-the-counter) CIC (completely-in-canal) Recharge Hearing Aids from direct-to-consumer experts Nano Hearing Aids (888-310-6266). These high-quality, near-invisible devices offer busy parents with perceived mild hearing loss a practical solution without them having to visit the audiologist.

If you're a parent who struggles to hear clearly in noisy environments or when you're on the phone, you may be able to remedy the situation with over-the-counter (OTC), completely-in-canal (CIC) rechargeable hearing aids from Nano Hearing Aids. Nano's OTC CIC Recharge Hearing Aids provide a discreet and affordable solution for people with perceived mild hearing loss, making it easier to stay connected with your loved ones.

Available online and without a prescription, you can purchase your Nano Hearing Aids and start experiencing better hearing right away. Learn more at and get answers to all your questions about pricing, insurance, and the appropriate hearing device for you when you speak with a Nano customer support specialist.


With a focus on innovation and accessibility, Nano’s OTC CIC Recharge Hearing Aids can help you hear more clearly in noisy environments, when you're on the phone, and when you're participating in group conversations. The nearly invisible design means no one needs to know you're wearing hearing aids, helping you feel more confident and more connected.

The goal at Nano Hearing Aids is to bridge the divide between individuals with perceived mild hearing loss and their surrounding environment. Nano’s rechargeable OTC hearing aids offer an easy-access solution thanks to a device that sits comfortably in your ear, discreetly amplifying sound. With a variety of tips and dome sizes, you can easily customize your device for the perfect fit.

Here's what a spokesperson for Nano Hearing Aids wants you to know:

“It takes the average person nearly seven years before they take action on their hearing loss. There are many reasons for this, but stigma and budget are two key factors. With our OTC CIC Recharge Hearing Aids, anyone 18 and older with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss can get the help they need quickly and affordably.”


Starting at just $297 and with a '4 interest-free installments' payment plan option, Nano’s line of hearing aids helps eliminate concerns around affordability while their comfortable CIC design can also alleviate feelings of stigma.

The CIC Recharge model comes with a portable charging case, further reducing your costs by replacing pricey hearing aid batteries with a USB cord. And here's something else to feel good about: By eliminating disposable batteries that can contribute to higher waste and pollution, you're choosing an eco-friendly solution that allows you to enjoy better hearing while making a positive impact on the planet.


Nano's OTC CIC Recharge devices are designed for daily use, featuring easy push-button controls that simplify volume adjustments if you sometimes have problems with dexterity. An accompanying user manual provides clear guidance on self-fitting, device charging, maintenance, and more.

In addition to the CIC Recharge, Nano Hearing Aids offers a full line of OTC, FDA-registered hearing aids, including the innovative Audacity RIC (receiver-in-canal) model, an app-controlled hearing device with Bluetooth technology that can also be used to stream music and take calls.

Rediscover the joy of clear conversations and effortless communication with your kids, their friends, and even the PTA. Contact the Nano Hearing Aid call center for more information and to see if your insurance will cover your purchase:

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