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Nov 25, 2021

The third season premiere of the Doomer Bloomer Podcast has been released, and in it, special guest Jerry Zehr walks you through the positive influence of spirituality and self-affirmation.

If you are struggling with self-worth, seeking to improve your career, or feeling generally lost, this podcast is here to help you. The hosts of The Doomer Bloomer Podcast are joined by the author of The Peacemaker's Path to discuss strategies that you can implement to improve your mental health and your life.

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The new episode fits with the podcast’s general themes, which have included health and wellness strategies in the past. Usually, these strategies are presented in the context of achieving financial stability or, at the very least, overcoming scarcity to live a fulfilled life despite it.

The Doomer Bloomer production was born out of the collective hardship of 2020, a time when, incidentally, podcasts exploded in popularity as a form of popular entertainment.

2020, a difficult year as it was, has set the stage nicely for the hosts of this particular production, though. They seek through their conversations to guide those who have been left hopeless by recent world events to a more prosperous and better future.

Typically, the life advice that the podcast’s hosts present is guided by an overarching humorous slant, which is part of the framework of the show. The goal of every episode is to use this narrative framework to provide advice and to generate interesting conversations with a new guest every episode.

No matter who you are or what you hope to accomplish, between the three seasons of content, you will surely find something that you can implement in your life. Why not give it a try?

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Much of the content in the podcast is geared toward aspiring entrepreneurs, seeking to establish a more positive outlook and profitable mindset. One listener, as part of a five-star review, said, “Thank you for being the kind of lighthouse entrepreneurs need. Keep up the good work!”

The podcast can be found on all major audio platforms, including Spotify. Its hosts also have a Patreon page, through which donors can access additional commentary, bonus content, and coaching. Learn more at

The hosts of the Doomer Bloomer Podcast value their anonymity, but do operate under a simple set of principles, which are, in their words, “Do no harm, lift each other up, and build a community.” Season 3, Episode 1 is available on Spotify and other platforms.

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