Investing In Sydney’s Hills District Real Estate – How to Avoid the Number One Mistake Property Investors Make

Mar 23, 2017

Mirren Investment Properties has released a number of ‘must follow’ property investment tips that help potential investors to get their finances in order before they look to buy a home. These tips are valuable, and help potential investors to avoid the pitfalls of property investment and to invest wisely.

Bella Vista-based Mirren Investment Properties, a property investor advisory service, has released an investor buying report that helps home buyers to avoid property buying pitfalls so they invest wisely. Based on understanding budgeting, the investment report advises potential investors on how to strategically plan to buy property, and maximize their residual returns.

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Many working people today struggle to enter the Australian investment property market and in Sydney in particular, where property prices are high and the number of choices are large, investors often make costly mistakes.

A new report from Mirren Investment Properties reveals a range of sound investing principles to help both new and experienced investors avoid common home investment pitfalls in the Sydney area, get their financials in order and dramatically increase the chances of landing outstanding highly profitable property deals.

The report includes key tips on reducing debt, understanding a what a financial fingerprint is and how it relates to successful investing, creating a budget, tracking living expenses, effective debt consolidation and more.

Along with their report the property investor advisory service has released their Financial Freedom Calculator as a free download which helps investors quickly assess their present income, debt, and expenses and devise effective ways to increase the money they have available to buy investment properties.

Rene Marzinger, owner of Mirren Investment Properties in Bella Vista says "People purchase investment properties to increase their wealth, to have money for their kids in the future and to create the lifestyle that they dream about. The number one mistake most people make when investing in property is believing that it's about the property when it's really all about the financials." Marzinger says "We typically see clients get rapid results combining the Financial Freedom Calculator and a consultation with our investment experts. One client, for example, recently reduced their loan by 13 years reducing his interest bill by $135,000. He used the money he saved to purchase another investment property."

Mirren Investment Properties services Bella Vista and surrounding areas of Sydney's Northwest Hills District. They offer free investment consultations which can be booked by calling +61-2-8814-5275.

Their investment guides and Financial Freedom Calculator are available at their website at the link above.

More information on their resources and services are also available in the video at this link

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