Invest In The Next Level Trucking Program And Be On Your Way To A Secure Future

Oct 28, 2020

Have a sizable savings account but you’re uncertain if it’ll be enough to sustain you during your retirement years? Why not invest it in the Next Level Trucking investment program? You won’t regret it!

As a driver, you can enjoy the benefits of a risk-free investment and a secure financial future thanks to Jeremy Whitley and the Next Level Trucking program. They do all the work for you. All you need to do is show up and invest; no experience is required!

The Next Level Trucking (NLT) investment program is available in Suwanee, GA. The program aims at helping drivers to invest in and be successful in a risk-free business.

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The recently announced program is spearheaded by Jeremy Whitley, Director of Business Development. Given that the trucking industry is one of the most in-demand fields of business in the U.S., Whitley seeks to assist you with capitalizing on the venture. 

Through his turnkey trucking company, Whitley has been helping individuals diversify their investment streams. According to him, the program is designed for those who join to be on the road within 90 days.

“After 90 days of employment, we establish you as your own business entity. We’ll organize and file your business with the Secretary of State and obtain an EIN from the IRS,” he explained. 

To make this possible, the NLT team works to handle all organizational requirements of the business, like hiring drivers and signing contracts. As such, you need not worry as a business owner, about the responsibility of upholding state and federal regulatory compliance since the company handles it all.

To invest in and be part of the trucking company, you’re required to purchase a semi-tractor trailer. Other requirements include having a one year confirmed experience within the last three years, no felonies or DUI’s within the last seven years, being 23 years or older, and possessing relatively clean DAC and PSP reports. Potential investors are not required to have experience in the trucking industry or be holders of a CDL license.

NLT offers you such benefits as higher pay than the industry average (up to 50% earnings), paid percentage of the road revenue, non-forced dispatch, weekly payments, and a sign-on bonus. Additionally, you have the benefit of being at home every two weeks, dedicated and local runs, having newer model semi-trucks, and choosing a route that fits your lifestyle.

Unlike other trucking companies, the NLT program is designed to help you to both have complete ownership of a truck and run a smooth and profitable business. After 24 to 36 months of consistent employment with the company, NLT will offer you the truck you’re operating, free of cost.

The NLT program, according to Whitley, is ideal for professionals who have savings but are aware that they will be unable to live off of these savings after retirement.

To find out more about the company’s investment strategies, you can click on the link above!

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