Interest in Clean Energy and Climate Change Investment Grows

Oct 13, 2021

Younger generations are driving social impact aspects of solar energy investing.

Crowdfunding is playing a larger role in clean energy investing.

Driving Investor Interest In Clean Energy And Climate

Younger generations are driving social impact aspects of solar energy investing.

Crowdfunding is playing a larger role in clean energy investing.

Consumer products like solar ovens and portable powerbanks are a key part of clean energy fundraising.

Tesla is one of the stock market’s biggest success stories of recent years, but the clean energy boom doesn’t start and end with Elon Musk. There’s now a range of booming companies in the solar sector thanks to innovative new methods of raising funds and the changing profile of consumers, alongside other reasons.

If you’re still on the fence about whether to join in the solar hype, it helps to know more about up-and-coming cleantech companies and why so many investors are making the shift already.

Changing consumer behavior

Millennials were once the new generation that everyone made fun of for lacking capital and making poor financial decisions. Now, the tide has turned — Millennials account for around $200 billion of spending power in the US. Plus, they’re now joined by Generation Z, who are beginning to enter the workforce and will play an increasingly important role in the economy in years to come.

What does this mean? The younger generations have shown a significant preference for companies with a positive social impact, and they’d prefer to buy products that have a good influence on the world where possible. One study found that local corporate social responsibility actions improved Millennials’ perception of an employer’s brand by 53.1%.

In other words, we can expect younger people to become avid consumers of companies offering clean energy solutions.

Due to the increasing influence of these generations, companies have now been forced to pay attention to their social impact if they wish to remain relevant — and investors are closely watching the firms that have taken action already.

The role of crowdfunding

One of the big game-changers behind solar power’s ascent has been the increased involvement of crowdfunding. Whereas individual investors were once limited to buying shares of publicly traded companies, while earlier-stage startups were for angel investors only, crowdfunding platforms have opened the door for anyone to invest in younger firms.

This means that the socially-focused younger generations aren’t just limited to buying products or services from companies they care about — they can also fund them directly.

Even PayPal launched its own crowdfunding platform, the Generosity Network, in November 2020. It aims to compete with big players like GoFundMe and will allow small businesses, charities, and individuals to carry out campaigns.

Crowdfunding and solar power

Solar-powered products are a great fit for crowdfunding campaigns. They tend to be a cause that consumers rally around, and they can therefore raise money and go viral easily.

One crowdfunding platform on the rise that could make a promising investment is StartEngine (OTCPK:STGC). It hosts a few campaigns for solar-powered firms. For instance, GoSun is running a crowdfunding campaign for its portable power solutions, which are used for everyday tasks like purifying water, cooling, charging, and cooking.

If you don’t want to commit to a single company or crowdfunding platform, one way to get involved is Amplify CrowdBureau (LEND), an ETF that contains various peer-to-peer and crowdfunding platforms.

Time to get involved?

With consumer trends tilting toward clean energy products more than ever and consumer and investor behavior beginning to become one and the same (due to the influence of crowdfunding), there’s arguably no better time to consider a solar investment.

Plus, it’s early enough to just about be ahead of the pack.

As the disaster relief and outdoor leisure markets experience explosive demand, GoSun is growing sales.

GoSun sells best-in-class solar appliances to help you live with more independence and resilience. Using only the sun enables consumers to cook day or night, keep food and drinks fresh and cold, charge tech necessities like mobile phones and laptops, light up a room or even purify water.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida leaving millions without power up and down the eastern seaboard and California residents struggling with extended power outages due to the California wildfires, it is clear the time has come for people to embrace GoSun product as the life-changing and possibly life saving solar power innovations they are.

GoSun makes camping guilt-free as well as ordinary camping and any other outdoor activity thanks to their eco-friendly solution to life’s little – and sometimes large – problems. The outdoor recreation Industry is ripe for investment. In 2019, outdoor recreation accounted for $459.8B and the industry has continued to soar throughout 2020. Solar and Climate Change investments are going viral; they more than doubled in 2020. Moreover, Since Hurricane Sandy, homeowners are always on the lookout for solutions to extended blackouts where power or even clean drinking is scarce or even non-existent GoSun is perfectly positioned to capitalize on all these opportunities.

That’s because the company is already selling and shipping products and generating revenue and is profitable. Unlike most other equity crowdfunding campaigns that are pre-revenue, GoSun has a documented track record of business success with no end of new opportunities to grow.

Firmly established thanks to partnerships with Global Empowerment Mission and the United Nations as well as a retail presence in Walmart, Home Depot, Camping World, REI and Amazon, GoSun is an investment opportunity for everyone to think seriously about.

The GoSun equity crowdfunding campaign –

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