Integrated Website Widgets: Get Unlimited Online Ordering For Your Restaurant

Oct 15, 2021

M.A.R.Z Web Solutions can design an entire website for your restaurant, or integrate online ordering into your existing pages. Their drag and drop menu editor makes it easy.

If your customers can’t order their food online, then they’re going to start getting food somewhere else. It’s difficult trying to keep up with all the changes to the restaurant industry, but using a specialized online ordering and web design service can make it easier.

The M.A.R.Z online ordering system requires no special devices or hardware and can be accessed from your Android or iOS device through an app. The company can design entire websites, or integrate their ordering service into your existing sites using widgets.

Visit to see how you can get unlimited online ordering through easy-to-use mobile apps.

Alongside the launch of their restaurant ordering widgets, the company is also offering reservation booking modules. This option allows your customers to reserve seats in real-time and also order their food in advance if they choose, all through your restaurant’s existing website.

You can use the company’s drag and drop online menu editor to create highly customized menus for your customers, using either your own images or a wide selection of stock pictures. The system allows for multiple food size options, add-on items, and online payments.

Customers can use coupons or discounts you have provided through the ordering service, which is available using a desktop computer or mobile device and save their addresses or other information for return visits. All the data collected belongs to your restaurant, and will not be shared with other companies.

Your employees can be notified on their devices when a new order arrives and may provide real-time confirmation and fulfillment times. Using an Epson or Star printer, receipts can be printed directly from mobile devices.

The company does not charge for orders processed through their online system, and charges no per-use commissions or fees, regardless of how much the service is used. Their widgets are compatible with most website building services, and they also offer a snap-in widget for ordering through Facebook.

If you wish to set minimum order and delivery fees, you can do so through the application. It also supports multiple restaurant locations, varying hours for opening and closing, and a wide variety of payment options. Interested restaurant owners can fill out a form on the company’s website and should expect to hear back within 24 hours.

Don’t make things more complicated than they have to be, let the experts help. An online ordering system can really bring in the customers when they see how simple it is to place their order through their mobile device. It’s so convenient they’ll be excited to tell their friends how easy it is.

Visit to set up easy online ordering for your restaurant.

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