Inspections in the Kelowna and surrounding area British Columbia area. Find Problems Before You Buy With This Professional Home Inspection Service

Jan 19, 2018

A new website and online home inspection services have been launched by Lake View Inspections. A Locally Owned Kelowna Home Inspection company who prides themselves on their attention to detail and high-quality service for home buyers and home sellers in the local area.

  • inspections in the kelowna and surrounding area british columbia area find probl
  • inspections in the kelowna and surrounding area british columbia area find probl
  • inspections in the kelowna and surrounding area british columbia area find probl

Lake View Inspections of Lake County, British Columbia announces its new 24-7, Online Scheduling system for home buyer and home seller home inspections. The industry leading home inspection service provider has made it easier than ever for their customers to get in touch and schedule their home inspection online.

More information can be found at: https://

In addition to providing its new online inspection scheduling service, the company has added other features to help provide the best inspection in the local area. Lake View Inspections prides itself on its high-quality service, and as part of its commitment to helping their clients have a smoother home inspection.

Hiring a home inspector can pay off in a big way when it comes to buying a home in the British Columbia area. The company can provide home buyers with the information they need to make an informed home buying decision about their chosen property. Also, the information is presented in a clear, easy to understand way.

Lake View Inspections delivers a detailed electronic report to all customers, normally the same day as the inspection but at least within 24-hours. This helps to ensure peace of mind before the client completes their home purchase in the Kelowna area.

It offers British Columbia home inspections from Monday to Sunday, and offers customers the chance to inspect the property with them, so they can learn about any problems firsthand. If the customer is not completely satisfied with the inspection, they must let the inspector know so he can make it right.

When asked, Shane McLean, Owner and Lead Inspector for Lake View Inspections said “we want to be a one-stop shop for all home inspection needs with trained, seasoned home inspection professionals and easy online scheduling. If there are any visible issues, we’ll find them. We’ll do our best to point out the positive features of the home as well.”

One of the things that sets Lake View Inspections apart from its competition is that it works hard to offer the most detailed service in the business. They pride themselves on their thorough approach, saying the more thorough they are, the more defects they find and the more money the homebuyer saves.

Paying for a thorough home inspection is beneficial for the homebuyer, as it saves money when finding the problems during the home inspection so the buyer can negotiate those items with the seller. The licensed home inspection experts will spend three to four hours thoroughly evaluating all aspects of the property, so customers can feel confident with their home inspection findings.

For more information on Lake View Inspections, call at (250) 212-9021 or visit online at

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